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Hamed Ouattara is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Ouagadougou. His furniture, madefrom the raw material of used barrels and cans, and distinguished by structured lines and purist style,has established itself in the international desi...


By King chimeremeze Jacob

Tittle: chòkòAcrylic on canvas23×17 inches . Chòkò is a tale of love and it's inspired by my love story, it's basically an emotional piece.


art summer camp

By Nanika

welcome to summer camp for kids this year i would love teach your kids about a art project to learning how become fine artist


Silaro paintings

By Silaro

Ignoring actual trends, the paintings are inspired by social phenomena and nature. The works of mine are the images of the inner memory. They create themselves through me.

Foundations for Mastering Watercolor Painting / FIRST STEPS

By Jill Poyerd

NOTE: This is not a hands-on painting course.“The best watercolour course I have seen…I need a structured better approach than the typical watch-me-paint courses, that explain nothing abo...


Understanding Color: A Comprehensive Course for Artists

By Jill Poyerd

"Great information presented in a clear manner, great visuals to support it, and an extremely chill and non-intimidating style by the instructor." - Kim R.Imagine the world without color and you’ll soon realize the importance of this topic. In art,...


Developing an Eye for Landscape Composition

By Jill Poyerd

"This has to be the best information I ever got on landscape composition. It is explained in an easy to follow format well supported with great quality video and photos." Diane F."I have been looking for a course like this for years. It was exc...


Watercolor Painting Landscapes I By Award Winning Artist

By Broderick Wong

I'd say that he is a patient teacher and a very effective communicator. He is also organized and gets to the point so you have more time to learn. He is also funny which makes the class more fun...


Watercolor Painting Flowers by Award Winning Artist

By Broderick Wong

Have you ever tried “painting flowers before but ended up withMudBillions of brush strokesStiff-looking stems orPetals that look overworked and tiredWould you believe that painting dif...


Watercolor Painting For Beginners | By Award Winning Artist

By Broderick Wong

"This is ABSOLUTELY the best water color course that I have ever seen!!!!!!! And believe me I have searched! I was one of those "I can't do that" people, BUT NOT ANYMORE! I would easily give this 10 stars if I could!!!" ~ David MartinezHave you eve...


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