In the dark corners of a virtual gaming world, two friends, Naomi and Parker, embark on a chilling adventure they never saw coming. In "Voices of the Game: An Online Haunting," they find themselves transported to a sinister realm where haunted trees whisper secrets and ancient graves hold unimaginable power.

As they confront the echoes of their past, they must reckon with the consequences of their hurtful words in the online realm. With each step along the eerie dirt road, they unravel the true nature of their virtual battles and discover the importance of empathy, friendship, and the haunting power of kindness.

Will they escape the clutches of their own shadows, or will the darkness consume them? Dive into this spine-tingling tale that explores the depths of the unknown and the transformative journey of the human spirit. Are you ready for the quest?

The end of the book includes Lessons Learned, Key Vocabulary Words and an Author’s Note.

Book Review: Bitcoin is For Boys, Ethereum is For Girls

In “Bitcoin is for Boys, Ethereum is for Girls”, follow the exciting journey of two class friends, Ashley and Luke, as they explore the fascinating world of cryptocurrency. Assigned to become experts in Bitcoin and Ethereum, they embark on a three-day research adventure, uncovering the secrets behind these digital currencies.

As they return to class, they engage in the Crypto Classroom Challenge, teaching their classmates about Bitcoin's security and Ethereum's creativity. This educational and engaging tale not only captures the spirit of curiosity but also equips young readers with an introductory understanding of Bitcoin and Ethereum, inspiring them to embrace the future of finance and technology.

The end of the book includes Lessons Learned, Key Vocabulary Words and an Author’s Note.

Countryside Village Pop Up Market

Artist and Author Julie Elroy will be having a book signing at the Countryside Village Pop Up Market. It will be held this week Saturday,  October 7th, 2023. It is located at 1540 N. Division Street in Braidwood, IL 60408. Both of Julie Elroy's books will be available for sale: "Healing Touch for Mind, Body, and Soul; An Artistic Look at the Healing Touches of Jesus," and "Never Thirsty; Quenching Your Spiritual Thirst with Artistic Meditations on Scripture." She will also show an original painting at her booth.

Northeast Ohio book signing

Readers and Authors: are you in Ohio? Or close? Northeast Ohio Book signing in 2025 will be at the Eastwood Mall in Niles.

We have 18 Authors already signed up and looking to add more. Tickets went on sale last week we have a limited number of VIP tickets.

VIP ticket holders will get in to the meet and greet Friday night, a tote bag with tons of swag, 15 lucky vip ticket holders get to eat lunch with the Authors.

Reader group:

Interest form

Design Miami/ Basel 2023 / Messe Basel Messe Basel , 4058 Basel

The latest edition of Design Miami/ Basel opens to the public today, and we’re thrilled to share all the beauty that our community has curated for you. Each of our exhibitors and partners brought their A-game to offer an elevated experience showcasing the world’s most collectible design objects—past, present, and future!

🙏🏼🕊️ Honoring my beloved mother and launching the BOLIBANA collection 🕊️🙏🏼

Join us at Design Miami\Basel Basel, June 12-18, 2023 | International design exhibition

In this timeless moment, we pay tribute to my mother and unveil the BOLIBANA collection. It's a celebration filled with love, memories, and connection to our ancestors. #Tribute #BOLIBANAcollection #DesignMiamiBasel

Meet the Author-S.L. Wilton "Queen of Crows"

Meet the Author!
Dive into Worlds Unseen with S. L. Wilton!
S. L. Wilton - Fantasy Author - will be visiting Studio Moonfall, 5031 7th Avenue on June 9th from 4pm to 7pm
Check out his book, Queen of Crows:
An ousted young queen struggles to regain her throne in a world of dangerous creatures.
Sophia Pendergast's quest is complicated by deep-rooted misogyny embedded in her culture and religion. Her lover, a dashing young knight, offers her a life in obscure comfort, but she refuses to abandon her people to the usurper's whims. To retake her throne and set prophecy on its path, she must embrace a long-denied secret and discover a prophecy's hidden meaning.
In S. L. Wilton's Queen of Crows, we discover simple truths may not exactly be simple.
Get a look at the book before his visit at
S. L. Wilton is a retired non-commissioned officer from the U. S. Army. He lives in rural central Wisconsin with his wife, Karen and their chihuahua, Willie. When not writing, he enjoys riding Indian motorcycles, building scale models, and sport fishing.
Follow S. L. Wilton’s Facebook page at

2023 BPUSA Gathering Conference

We come together as Bereaved Parents of the USA to provide a safe space where grieving families can connect, share our stories, and learn to rebuild our lives. We attend meetings whenever we can and for as long as we find helpful. We share our fears, confusion, anger, guilt, frustrations, emptiness, and feelings of hopelessness, knowing these emotions will be met with compassion and understanding. As we support, comfort and encourage one another, we offer hope and healing. As we confront the deaths of our loved ones, our shared grief brings us to a common ground that transcends differences, building mutual understanding across the boundaries of culture, race, faith, values, abilities, and lifestyle.

Together we celebrate the lives of our children, siblings, and grandchildren, sharing the joys and the heartbreaks as well as the love that will never fade. Together, strengthened by the bonds we create, we offer what we have learned from one another to every bereaved family, no matter how recent or long ago the death.

We are the Bereaved Parents of the USA. We welcome you.

The Compassionate Friends 46th Conference

TCF's National Conference is an enriching and supportive event for many newer and long-time bereaved parents, grandparents, and siblings. Attendees come and find renewed hope and support, as well as strategies for coping with grief, all while making friendships with other bereaved people who truly understand the heartbreaking loss of a child, sibling, or grandchild. Lifelong friendships are often formed and rekindled each year at TCF conferences.  

Authors on the Riverwalk in Des Moines Iowa

Authors on the Riverwalk is a book signing event for authors from all over the country who will come together in Des Moines, Iowa, for a one-day book signing event.

Writing Workshop with the authors of the Sherbert M. Holmes Detective Series

The family writing team of the Sherbert M. Holmes Detective Series will be hosting a writing workshop. The workshop will teach new and aspiring authors how to bring animal characters to life. Jeff, Amanda, and Josh will conduct a writing exercise and a Q&A session.

Killer Nashville

August 17-20 I’ll be attending Killer Nashville in Nashville, TN. I hope to see you there. Book signing opportunities with me and many talented authors. Here’s the link or click the logo below.: Killer Nashville

Lynda Rees, The Murder Guru, will be signing books at this event.


July 14-16, I’ve been invited again this year to be a panelist and to present a writer’s workshop in Louisville, KY at Imaginarium 2023. Come and meet all of the media folks, from actors, producers, screenwriters, gamers, sci-fi enthusiasts, publishers, authors, you’ll meet them all. Click the images for information on this year’s media conference.

The Business of Publishing

I’m teaching along with other great speakers and authors at the Washington Romance Writers 2023 In the Company of Writers Retreat and Conference’ at the Hilton Garden June 2-4, 2023. Inn Shirlington, Washington, D.C. Workshops include:

“How to Write Sweet, Hallmark Style Romance” with USA Today Best-Selling Author Teri Wilson

“The Business of Publishing” with Golden Heart Award Winning and Rita Finalist Author Linda Rees

“Better Faster Academy Workshop” with Writing Coach Becca Symes

… and more to come! The premier writing conference and retreat experience in the Washington D.C. area.

Ohio Author Fair

May 27, 10-3:00, I’ll be signing books with a great group of authors at in Jefferson, Ohio at the Ohio Author Fair at the Jefferson Mall. Come join us.

AmaZen Yoga

Discover a unique and accessible yoga class for every body!

April 29th is the Signature Christian Yoga class "Divinely Inspired Yoga ". Experience an atmosphere where God's word leads each pose culminating in time of reflection and prayer 

April 30th is an Open House for the popular Deep Stretch class. Perfect way to unwind from the weekend and prepare for a new week.

Both events are free with registration. 

National Book Club Conference

The National Book Club Conference places readers in an upscale, intimate environment with some of their favorite authors–and introduces attendees to new talent to add to their reading lists. The panel discussions on how to publish your book, the dynamics of the publishing industry and Black women’s health lend invaluable information that is lasting.

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