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The Mozart Conspiracy: A Thriller50

By Scott Mariani

A centuries-old mystery. An “accidental” death. A conspiracy that may end in murder. Former British Special Air Service officer Ben Hope is running for his life. Enlisted by Leigh Llewellyn—the beautiful, world-famous opera star and Ben’s first love—to investigate her brother, Oliver’s, mysterious death, Ben finds himself caught up in a puzzle dating back to the 1700s.At the time of his death, Oliver was working on a new book about Mozart. Though the official report states that Oliver died in a tragic accident, the facts don’t add up. But as Ben and Leigh dig deeper, they find that Oliver’s research reveals that Mozart, a notable Freemason, may have been killed by a shadowy and powerful splinter group of the organization. The only proof lies in a missing letter, believed to have been written by Mozart himself. When Leigh and Ben receive a video documenting a ritual sacrifice performed by hooded men, they realize that the sect is still in exist...

The Silver Serpent: Ben Hope, Book 2550

By Scott Mariani

Some legends lie buried for a reason....To fight extraordinary odds, you need an extraordinary man. Under the fierce heat of the Australian outback, the laws of nature serve a rough justice. When a man vanishes deep in the Northern Territory, local police write it off. But his family suspect otherwise—and when the call for help goes out, Ben Hope and Jeff Decker are there to hear it.Ben’s instincts, honed by years of Special Forces missions, soon see the story told by a trail of bullet casings, rumours of a missing map and a lethal cocktail of greed, power and money.This savagely beautiful land holds a secret it won’t give up easily—and for Ben, discovering the truth will mean not only going up against a small army of hired guns and their twisted paymaster but also surviving a place where the wilderness is as powerful as the weapons his enemies have trained on him.

Graveyard of Empires: Ben Hope, Book 2650

By Scott Mariani

Some wars are destined to be fought forever…They call it ‘The Graveyard of Empires’ for good reason. For thousands of years, Afghanistan has been the rock that generations of would-be conquerors have perished on. What chance does one man stand in this place?So when ex-SAS major Ben Hope hears former bounty-hunter, Madison Cahill, needs his help he knows it will test him to his limits – and beyond. As the borders slam shut, he must trace his friend before the new regime does. His only lead? An ancient lost city founded by Alexander the Great and rediscovered by Madison’s archaeologist father.The mission will take Ben back to a place he thought was firmly in his past, back to someone he can never leave behind – and back to some old comrades. Among these is SAS man turned assassin, Jaden Wolf. Wolf has come to Afghanistan with his own agenda and knows as well as Ben that the conditions they face may prove as lethal as their enemies....

Jihadi Hijacking: Code Name: Dodger, Book 350

By Eric Auxier

To the world’s peace-loving Muslims, “Jihad” signifies the holy inner struggle to seek the five pillars of Islam. A misguided few, however, have corrupted it into a call for war.One teen orphan. One spy. Six armed terrorists. Brace for impact!Teen orphan Justin Reed has settled into the quiet suburban life as CIA secret agent Bob Cheney’s newly adopted son. He’s getting good grades, shining on the Panther’s JV wrestling and baseball teams, and loving his crazy new girlfriend Joya. In his spare time, he plays Flight Sim 3000. Finally, he’s put the nightmare of the spy world behind him for good. Or has he?When their airliner is hijacked by armed terrorists - including Najla, a mysterious teen girl with striking green eyes - it’s up to Justin and Bob to take it back. But that is only half the problem. Even if they can overcome the terrorists, who’s left to fly the plane? Worse, in their effort to save the day, the two uncover a plot...

The Last Bush Pilots50

By Eric Auxier

"Mayday, mayday! I'm going down, I'm going do- "Author, airline captain, and popular blogger ( Eric Auxier brings Alaska bush flying to life in his second novel, The Last Bush Pilots. Exhilarating flying, tall tales, and larger-than-life characters abound in a wild land that truly is America's Last Frontier.Two young pilots, Daniel "D.C." Alva and Allen David Foley, take on the world's most dangerous flying: the Alaska bush. But Mother Nature - and a sexy Native Alaskan - stand in their way.Southeast Alaska Seaplanes, Juneau: Retired airline captain Chief Pilot Dusty Tucker pilots a renegade band of flying misfits. Meet legendary bush pilot Jake "Crash" Whitakker, equally adept at landing planes and ladies - and "crashin' 'em" as well; prankster pilot Ralph Olaphsen, who once set an extinct volcano ablaze on April Fool's Day; and no-nonsense Check Airman Holly Innes, trying to cut a respectable niche in the notoriousl...

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