Jihadi Hijacking: Code Name: Dodger, Book 3

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Eric Auxier

Author Eric Auxier is a pilot by day, writer by night, and kid by choice.A Boeing 777 Wide-body Captain for a major U.S. airline, Mr. Auxier is also a Columnist for Airways Magazine and online at AirwaysMag. He has contributed to such pu...

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Language - English

Written - Eric Auxier

4 hours and

38 minutes

Book Description

To the world’s peace-loving Muslims, “Jihad” signifies the holy inner struggle to seek the five pillars of Islam. A misguided few, however, have corrupted it into a call for war.

One teen orphan. One spy. Six armed terrorists. Brace for impact!

Teen orphan Justin Reed has settled into the quiet suburban life as CIA secret agent Bob Cheney’s newly adopted son. He’s getting good grades, shining on the Panther’s JV wrestling and baseball teams, and loving his crazy new girlfriend Joya. In his spare time, he plays Flight Sim 3000. Finally, he’s put the nightmare of the spy world behind him for good. Or has he?

When their airliner is hijacked by armed terrorists - including Najla, a mysterious teen girl with striking green eyes - it’s up to Justin and Bob to take it back. But that is only half the problem. Even if they can overcome the terrorists, who’s left to fly the plane? Worse, in their effort to save the day, the two uncover a plot that could trigger World War 3.

Once again, Justin must rely on his old orphan street smarts - and his new CIA training - to take on armed terrorists and prevent apocalypse.

Every passenger’s nightmare, and every simulator pilot’s fantasy! Mission three of Code Name: Dodger "spy/fly" action adventure series!

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