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Nisso The Untold Story

By Nisso Benatar

“ "Nisso The untold Story" is a riveting narrative that delves into the harrowingexperience of Nisso at the hands of the ruthless Sam Levy. Set in Zimbabwe, acountry plagued by greed and despotism, Nisso's life takes a dark turn when hebecomes involved with Julia Levy, Sam's daughter. As their love affair unfolds,Nisso unwittingly becomes an enemy in Sam's eyes, triggering a relentlessonslaught of corruption and brutality that threatens to crush him physically &mentally.Sam Levy, a wealthy and influential businessman, uses his power andconnections to manipulate the systems of law enforcement, justice, andgovernance, turning them against Nisso. Intimidation, harassment, and falseaccusations become daily realities for Nisso, shattering his sense of dignity andfreedom. In a world where power and privilege reign supreme, Nisso findshimself stripped of all hope and thr...


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Labors of Love


Youth, romance, marriage, divorce, and healing are visited in these sparkling verses, beautifully illustrated. "Nuggets of poetic wisdom from the pen of Kenneth Harper Finton, "So good that I cried."


Books › Thrillers


By Eldon Kellogg

In 1992, a nuclear weapon is smuggled into San Francisco, and hidden behind a Chinese restaurant owned by YAN LONGWEI. It is the first step in a long-range plan devised by LIEUTENANT GENERAL KUNG YUSHENG. Many years later, AMANDA LANGFORD starts work for the CIA, as an analyst at the Mission Center for Weapons and Counterproliferation. Her new boss, JANET DAVIDSON, gives her 24 hours to review a file, and present her conclusions to department head, CALEB MCELROY. Amanda discovers that China has hidden the production of over one ton of Highly Enriched Uranium. Longwei's restaurant in San Francisco catches fire. He dies trying to put out the fire, but not before telling one of the firemen, TOM JACKSON, to run away from a bomb. Everyone involved in the incident is held and questioned by the Department of Homeland Security. KATE WILLIAMS, a specialist in nuclear weapons, is sent to...


Books › Middle Grade

Going To Williamsport

By Rich Agnello

What would you do if you were the 12 year-old new ace pitcher of a very small town American baseball team, you and your teammates go on in one magical year to represent your roots at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and you were much too embarrassed beyond mere words to see your own mother cheer you on as you take the big stage hundreds of miles away? This is Sooner's situation, and his story for the ages is Going to Williamsport, as he faces a mother suffering through acute paranoid psychosis, or just simply really crazy things, in the early years of deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill during the Eisenhower administration. As the awkward moments pile up, the dirty looks and misunderstandings multiply in town, and the psychotropic drugs and Demedication sessions gath...


Books › Advice and How To

Self-Improvement and Self-Love 52-week Guided Jour...

By Kat Murdock

THE FIRST STEP TO SELF-DISCOVERY is this one-day workbook.Would you like to transform your life quickly?Discover the essential solutions to improve your relationship with yourself and others.Kat Murdock shares with you the secrets to creating long-lasting healthy boundaries.You will learn how to reduce stress and anxiety, understand your emotions, and create unstoppable self-esteem.You will master all the crucial habits of self-care that lead to incredible confidence and self-love for life.Learn the proven solutions to rediscover and reclaim the incredible you!Discover the carefully crafted personal development exercises.This workbook offers practical, effective, and proven techniques that will help you declutter your mind, resolve past life lessons and unleash your full potential.Fast-track solutions to a new you.Inside, you’ll discover life-changing tips and advice for:


Books › Advice and How To

Self-Improvement and Self-Love 52-week Guided Jour...

By Kat Murdock

The Guided Journal for self-growth and self-discovery.Healing your Past, Empowering your Journey, Gaining Confidence and Clarity with proven prompts.Discover the transformative power of self-reflection with this Self-Improvement and Self-Love Guided Journal for Women. Each week has pages for your own thoughts, thought-provoking prompts, inspirational quotes, gratitude lists, bucket lists, effective communication scripts, and more, specifically created for you, no matter your life stage.


Books › Teen and Young Adult

The Dead Life

By Matthew A Sprosty

Meet your new favorite undead character!(She's not dead yet, but she's getting there...)A sixteen-year-old girl wakes up in somebody's front yard and cannot remember a single thing. All she knows is that she was abandoned, has a bite wound on her shoulder, and a hankering hunger for meat.Why would someone bite her? Who bit her? Are they still out there? Will they come back to finish their meal?And, honestly, most importantly- who is she?THE DEAD LIFE is a humorous horror novel that will have you laughing out loud one moment and disgusted the next. Witty and gruesome, follow a teenager as she begins to understand her new life, temper her appetite, and solve the crime of who infected her with a deadly virus.


Books › Mystery Thriller Suspense

Fire Dream

By E.R. Yatscoff

FIREFIGHTER CRIME SERIES (previously published as OLD FLAMES)     Decorated fire rescue Captain Gerry Ormond is plagued by an arsonist who follows him on a visit to his hometown.The hometown becomes a nightmare as old friends become enemies and his past unearths an old crime.Gerry is trapped. Revealing the arsonist will expose his crime & ruin his career and life. There's no statute of limitations for murder.


Books › Action and Adventure

Thief of Dreams

By JP Powers

Thief of Dreams by JP Powers is a crime thriller that takes readers on a captivating journey through the life of the protagonist, Kyle Stone. Set in the vibrant and tumultuous city of San Francisco in the 1980s, the novel is based on the author's own experiences and offers a unique and fresh perspective on the genre. The story follows Kyle as he navigates the challenges of building a financial empire, but every time he faces a setback, he is mysteriously saved by a guardian angel or higher power, leaving him and the reader wondering about the identity and motive of this mysterious savior. The novel is expertly crafted and offers a perfect balance of mystery, intrigue and action. The author slowly unveils the explanation for this phenomenon, creating a sense of anticipation and keeping the reader engaged throughout the novel. Alongside the crime elements, the novel also delves into touching rela...


Books › Thrillers

DESCENT: A Novel Based On Several True Stories

By Gary Brill

It's the mid-70's and Steve is back from the war and looking to lead a quiet life flying, his true passion. He and a partner buy a coupe of beat up old airplanes and bid on a contract. Everything is going Steve's way until an unexpected visit from an old friend upends everything in his life that is important to him. An aircraft, when released from its obligation to hold altitude, will pick up speed very quickly in its descent. A man, when released from his obligation to society will do.....what?? Sex and drugs and rock & roll, and a lot of exciting flying scenes right out of my own logbook. Hop in for a wild ride!

Books › Romantic Suspense

Force of Corruption, Book One Forces of Nature Ser...

By E.N. Chanting

“If I tell you that, I may have to kill you.” Paige Patterson hopes her new love interest is joking, she laughs. Rhett Baker is mostly teasing, but he’s not ready to explain his chosen career just yet.Their first date is filled with laughter and their chemistry is explosive. After a whirlwind weekend, Rhett disappears. Paige hardly has time to process Rhett's absence when a childhood friend is arrested for a shocking crime. Now she must fight to prove her friend’s innocence. The evidence is there, but fellow officers seem to raise roadblocks at every turn. The secret she uncovers goes to the core of the department. Paige and Rhett are pulled into a battle for their lives as they expose corruption and depravity like they’ve never experienced before. Falling in love may doom them to heartbreak, or it might be the very thing that saves them. Which is more powerful, the force of attraction or the force of corruption?


Books › Non-Fiction


By Binar Singularit

Using unusual poetic forms, Time Mirror presents a dictionary ofundefinable concepts that seeks to expose and neutralize what authorBinar Singularit calls the mental virus of indiscriminate discriminationthat affects all of humanity with dire consequences. His work serves asa starting point for serious mental exercise, a rediscovery of well-knownbeliefs in new garb, and subtler meanings of usual words through theunexpected logic found in contradictions we meet in everyday life.


Books › Historical Fiction

Marigold, Our Lady of Thieves

By Jack Heerema

A foundling is rescued at a tip at Sarum by Sir Kai ap Gruffydd. This Marion Locksley's story. It is the continuing saga of Excalibur and Marion who wields it, protecting the poor and allowing the meek to inherit the earth. It is a story for those interested or curious about the advent of Marion Locksley aka Maid Marion. Has anyone ever considered the further journeys of Excalibur? Was Marion not Robin Hood's closest companion who impacted his life, and on the decisions he made? Marigold, Our Lady of Thieves will provide the answer to the intellectually curious and nosey historical fiction reader with this insight. For the synopsis and excellent reviews for Marigold, Our Lady of Thieves, please go to There you will also find various links to where the novel be purchased.


Books › Thrillers

Third Wheel

By Richard R. Becker

Las Vegas, 1982. Brady Wilks, a teenage transplant from the Midwest, navigates life in the dusty suburban outskirts of an aberrant 24-hour town built by the Mob. Outcast as a newcomer, Brady forges a brotherly bond with an older teenage neighbor, Mick, and his friend, Brett. But when Brett unexpectedly moves away, Mick invites a new kid into their pack, squeezing out the last remnants of their childhood in favor of a new world laced with cartel-supplied drugs and the deal of a lifetime.Third Wheel is a powerful coming-of-age thriller about belonging, betrayal, and breaking away from the paths laid out by others, even when it means grasping at an uncertain future. It is the story of a boy trying to find his identity without the benefit of a role model by taking chances on random and fragile relationships forged in the predawn hours of a future boomtown.


Books › Literary Fiction

In Death as In Life

By Sonny Kohet

Sitting in Kansas Café, Judy Vernon witnesses a man have a heart attack. With his final breath, Frank Farrington gives her the look of someone wanting her to do something, but knowing he has no right to ask.His presence lingers in the café, sitting across the table from Judy, and his pleading eyes appear in her mind when she is away from the café. Judy, a freelance journalist, is driven by Frank to investigate his life as she attempts to answer two questions:Who was he?What does he want from me?As she learns about Frank, she becomes entwined in his life, being adopted by his family, accepting responsibility for his alcoholic former partner Billy, and befriending Frank’s morally dubious ex-wife, Miriam.Her life is further complicated when bisexual loner Judy falls in love with both forensic accountant and businessman Myron Myerson and Frank’s brother’s wife, Alison Farrington.Perhaps the most important question for Judy is whet...


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