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Moe Fields - The Special Bond Between Fathers and Sons


Moe Fields is a gripping narrative and celebration of family, faith and the legacy we give our children,” said Andy Polansky, recently retired Executive Chairman of Webber Shandwick (one of the world’s leading global PR firms). “We all have our Moe Fields. I lost my dad more than 20 years ago, and now am the proud father of two young men. This treasure of a story reminds us of the enduring power of role models in our own lives.” Polansky wrote the book’s foreword.Winner 2022 National Literary Award for Memoir (sponsored by Reader Views).  The book has been on Amazon's "best seller" list six times since publication last year.The bloody image of the boxer at the beginning of this story during the Depression sets the stage in defining the main character; his inner grit and unwillingness to retreat; his physicality; his lone wolf inst...


Books › Christian Fiction

The Train - God Cares for His Children

By Joyce Crawford

A train’s whistle sounds in the distance, what do you remember? How does it make you feel? For Rachel Crews, a victim of domestic violence, the sound of the train’s whistle meant fear and pain. For Sam Burkett, a disfigured and disabled Army paratrooper, the sound of the whistle meant nothing at first; he was too numb from the effects of World War II. However, he soon learned to listen to the train’s whistle; the manifestation of God’s Voice. Even though Sam and Rachel never met, God knew them and how they needed each other. Together, and with God’s help, these two people learned to heal, forget, and forgive.


Books › Thrillers

Remember Me

By lynda Renham

A young mother befriends a new neighbour—but soon finds her an unwelcome presence, in this psychological thriller with a powerful twist.Sharni and her husband have just moved into 24 The Pines, and they appear to be ideal new neighbours to Clare and Chris. Sharni seems especially fond of Clare. She admires her and is always there to help, especially with childcare for Clare’s two-year-old son.But Clare is starting to wonder whether Sharni just wants to be a good neighbour—or wants something more. Like Clare’s husband. Or her child. Or her life. And her anxiety starts to build every time Sharni comes near.Is she just being overprotective, or are her worries justified? As Sharni’s influence touches everyone around her, Clare finds herself fighting for both her sanity and her family . . .


Books › Historical Mysteries

Reaping the Whirlwind

By Rosey Dow

No one suspects foul play when an old recluse dies behind locked doors. The doctor claims the old woman’s heart gave out, and Deputy Sheriff Trent Tyson doesn’t give the case another thought until the medical examiner finds poison. This death is just one in a series of unusual deaths happening in Tyson’s quiet town, which takes the deputy sheriff on the hunt for answers while the rest of the town is cause up in local hysteria, starstruck by visiting celebrities William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow. Within a week, Deputy Sheriff Trent Tyson is on the tenuous trail of a serial killer who snuffs out the unwanted, the disabled—the most helpless and lovable—without reason and with no mercy. Reaping the Whirlwind is a historical mystery set during the real events of the Scopes evolution trial in 1925 Dayton, Tennessee. The mystery weaves through trial events in an accurate portrayal of this piv...


Books › History

Revolutions of the World

By Olly Richards

When it comes to mastering a foreign language, reading around your interests makes all the difference. But finding books designed for language learners can be hard! This book fixes that. For the first time, you’ll learn to improve your Spanish while reading about the history of the most influential revolutions of the world.“I love Olly’s work - and you will too!” - Barbara Oakley, PhD, Author of New York Times bestseller A Mind for NumbersTold through short, manageable chapters in intermediate Spanish, you’ll become confident in the words, phrases and expressions you need to speak about the topics you care about.Revolutions of the World in in Simple Spanish gives you all that you can wish for from a real history book without the tough academic terminology which may be difficult for intermediate learners. The story does not focus only on the main events of each revolution, but rather it includes the less-known aspects of each h...


Books › Thrillers

Amenazada: Un thriller de misterio y asesinos en serie (Agentes del FBI Julia Stein y Hans Freeman nº 1)

By Raúl Garbantes

Con una vida monótona y tras romper con un novio apático, Julia Stein toma un vuelo de regreso a su ciudad y a su trabajo asfixiante. Sentada, de casualidad, junto a un agente del FBI, ella se sorprende al ver que en su expediente estaba la foto de su amiga asesinada hace ocho años. Estimulada a escapar de la monotonía y a buscar justicia, promete descubrir la verdad detrás de esta muerte que nunca se resolvió.Hans Freeman está decidido a atrapar a un asesino en serie obsesionado con las amputaciones, persiguiéndolo hasta Wichita, Kansas. Vinculando a tres nuevas víctimas con un caso sin resolver, cree que la amiga de Julia podría ser la clave para identificar al escurridizo sociópata. Pero, incapaz de asegurar la cooperación de la policía local y de los testigos, su objetivo de detener al malvado demonio de arrancar más vidas inocentes, se complica.¿Podrá esta singular pareja atrapar al asesino de Wichita antes de que mate a la próxima...


Books › Mystery Thriller Suspense

The White Knight: The new action-packed adventure thriller from the Sunday Times Bestselling author

By Scott Mariani

IN THE GAME OF KINGS, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE VICTOR.When a devastating attack on billionaire Auguste Kaprisky leaves the old man clinging to life, a trail of bodies and no clues, his last surviving relative calls the only person she can trust to step up.With precious few leads, ex-SAS soldier Ben Hope must first switch from action hero to detective in order to unravel the mystery. His international quest soon attracts the attention of the faceless plotters, who swiftly make Ben their target.As Ben moves between Miami and the Bahamas, Rome to Berlin, his investigation seems only to bring him ever closer to death. And as he fights the odds, all questions lead back to one thing: the historic chess set, stolen by Auguste’s attackers, which once belonged to Napoleon.What is the secret this chess set holds, and who are the all-powerful people who will seemingly stop at nothing to silence anyone who threatens to uncover their terr...


Books › Action and Adventure

Forging the Sword: An Action Adventure Fantasy with Historical Elements (Footnail Book 2)

By Howard Haugom

Fresh from battle with the accursed, Gen can’t believe they’ve survived. And although she’s blinded, she can now see better than she ever did before. Luckily, her companions have been upgraded with magical powers of their own. Because it’s clear that their mission is far from over.When Gen receives her next vision, she and the team must hastily split up – to prevent an assassination by the Devils’ foot soldiers, and to locate the the last piece of an untapped weapon.But neither is prepared for the trap that’s been set. Nor the bloodbath coursing their way.And only time will tell who makes it out alive.


Books › Business

The Wisdom of the Bullfrog: Leadership Made Simple (But Not Easy)

By Admiral William H. McRaven

From the acclaimed, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Make Your Bed—a short, inspirational book of advice and leadership lessons that Admiral McRaven collected over his four decades as a Navy SEAL.The title “Bullfrog” is given to the Navy SEAL who has served the longest on active duty. Admiral McRaven was honored to receive this honor in 2011 when he took charge of the United States Special Operations Command. When McRaven retired in 2014, he had 37 years as a Navy SEAL under his belt, leading men and women at every level of the special operations community. In the ensuing four years, he served as Chancellor to the entire University of Texas System, with its 230,000 students and 100,000 faculty and health care workers.During those four decades, Admiral McRaven dealt with every conceivable leadership challenge, from commanding combat operations—including the capture of Saddam Hussein, the rescue of Captain Phillips, and the raid...


Books › Fantasy

Les Champions de Rome (Les chroniques merveilleuses) (French Edition)

By Sébastien Morgan

Un roman de fantasy historique ancré dans l'empire romain bourré d'actions, de combats et de magie !Alors que s’achève la campagne contre les peuples Carpes, les Jeux Séculaires, marquant le millénaire d’existence de la Ville Eternelle, commencent à Rome. Mercurius et Shanaka sont jetés dans l’arène du Colisée. Survivront-ils aux combats épiques qu'ils devront livrer pour le plus grand plaisir de spectateurs romains assoiffés de sang ? Et pendant que le peuple se réjouit et que les intrigues battent leur plein au palais impérial, des puissances ésotériques millénaires se lèvent en Dacie. Les peuples barbares et leur allié surnaturel préparent la chute de Rome. Qui est cet allié ? Et l'empire est-il prêt à affronter cette menace ?


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