The Life of Plants in a Changing Environment by Rishikesh Upadhyay

Non-heritable modifications in morphological, physiological or biochemical characteristics tend to reduce or decrease growth and productivity, and sometimes lead to death. The Life of Plants in a Changing Environment presents an exhaustive overview of the specific effects and modifications that could occur in this regards, and will serve to consolidate the ideas to promote standardization of plant adaptation to these changes in the environment.

This book is, rather, a comprehensive review of all aspects of the responses of plants to changes in the environment.

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Stress in Plants: The Hidden Half by Rishikesh Upadhyay

The threat to productivity in crops and agriculture due to these stresses cannot be overstated, nor overlooked, especially in light of climate change.

The information covered in this book will be helpful in building strategies to counter the impact of stress on plants. The book also provides an overview of the essential disciplines required for sustainable crop and agricultural production for policymakers, scientists, academics, and students of plant science, agricultural science, environmental science, biochemistry, biotechnology, and related areas.

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Why a man should read books

Книгите са стълбът на знанието. Едно от предимствата на четенето е, че можете да четете по всяко време и навсякъде, дори ако имате ограничен брой източници. Причините да четете книги съдържат социални и индивидуални ползи, като и двете оказват влияние върху вашия вътрешен или външен свят. Така че, за да стесните това, което чувстваме необходимост да прочетем по отношение на знанието, опитайте се да отговорите на този въпрос: Какво знаете за себе си? Самото четене е инвестиция в знания. Разбира се, така или иначе трябва да асимилираш прочетеното. Можете да пропуснете грешки, които вече са били направени преди вас. Нека не забравяме, че книгите са хранилище на информация. По този начин можем да се доближим по-бързо до мечтите си. Първото правило за успех е да инвестирате в знания или правилната информация така или иначе. Това не е само мое мнение. Много хора са доказали през годините, че това е начинът за прогрес на човечеството. Колкото по-богат на знания става човек, толкова по-малко желае материалното богатство. . Но със знания винаги можете да се справите с всяка ситуация по всяко време. Затова книгата е може би най-добрият приятел и помощник на човек.

👉Автор Сезгин Исмаилов

Quotes from my third book. 'The heir of the dynasty'

I hope it will be on the market by the end of April 2024. I took the liberty of posting long quotations. Certainly, some readers may, after reading this book, accuse me of being against poor people. Nothing of the kind. They can take lessons from her.

1. Only they could not control their own children and the weather

2. Confidence in oneself wins, and trust in others

3. Okay, let's say I'm having a bad day. You are over the moon with happiness. I come and ruin your day, how will you feel.

4. I don't know, I'm looking for someone who will like me, soul and heart not only physically

5. We respected each other so much that we were afraid to share our feelings in case it didn't work out.

6. I have no idea how rich you are. But that's enough, to waste your time with me a poor student, do you really like me that much.-

7. You may have lied to me up to this point, but from now on, just don't do it. I will feel you and you will lose me.

8. It is one thing to know that you will have a test today and to have prepared, it is another thing to rely on someone to give you advice.

9. As much as a person thinks about something, the events themselves cause them to happen. Even easier than we imagine.

10. Bad thoughts only complicate our lives.

11. We have to let some things happen by themselves.

12. You have one life and it is yours. Only you can determine and choose how it goes. The most important thing is that you like it

13. Imagination is a corridor to the new

14. The most important thing is to think about the task itself. She enlightens us sometimes. But the important thing is not to give up and to be persistent

15. When you feel tired, stop and collect energy from nature

16. I guess you have a rich soul, at least I think so. We are thus trained to communicate only with people who have rich souls and they are rich in every way

17. The poor man just finds an excuse for me by blaming the rich man for all the troubles of the earth.

18. The poor always discuss the neighbor or someone else which is a waste of time, the rich think about how to produce a product that will be recognized by more people.

19.-Okay, what do you think about money? Mary asked

-Measure of value, to measure a given work or value of a product or service. People use it to make things easier when one thing is exchanged and it changes according to supply and demand

20.-He who controls money does not need to be afraid of it. But he who cannot control them always falls short. No matter how many he has, he still won't be able to handle them. That is why there are poor and rich. The difference is in money management.

21. The least starts with investing knowledge. Almost every town has a library. He has to prepare and find a way to invest.

22. The ordinary person has no idea that the little money that he keeps in the bank works for the business. His pension money is also in stocks and government securities. With the money he collects to buy a property over the years, inflation melts it away

23. My conclusion is that when you have something, you don't pay attention to it. If you don't have it, you strive for it.

24. Now with the new technologies, many people have the opportunity to get the necessary information. But they spend their time for the simplest possible entertainment, but not to become literate. 25. You can write something simple in an hour, and it goes around the world like lightning as if it is something great, but if it is something meaningful, they don't even pay attention to it

26. The way of life is very complicated, but if we harness our energy into something we believe in and like, it will seem wonderful.

27. People do not openly like to be helped. In today's world, this is even more true. Go to someone who needs help, give him a hand, and in a year he will make you the blackest devil. Therefore, for the last three hundred years, our kind has worked by indirectly helping.

28. If you know the formula, every task is easy

29. Sometimes we are so consumed by our goals that we forget or neglect our loved ones. I realized this was a mistake. With good will, one can find time for everything. I can't go back in time and fix my mistakes. I am only asking you to forgive me. I love you very much, Nesia said and hugged her daughter tightly.

30. Many of the people we call great have obviously sacrificed a lot but left something significant behind. But no one thinks about the people who were by their side and supported him and I'm sure that they sacrificed more.

31. It is not a question of tearing the sock and then sewing it up. Yes, he does work, but he always steps on the stitched me and we feel it. The best solution is conversations

32. I don't want to offend you, but regardless of my age, I have enough knowledge to solve any complex issue without consultants. I am not afraid of anything or anyone. I don't need anything. Everyone here has duties and fulfills them. I don't care about business. There are people who care about him.

33. We can't take back the past no matter how much we want, but we can reward the future as we wish

Author  Sezgin Ismailov

People should not look at money as wealth

Няколко цитата от втората ми книга. Това е историческа измислица. За мечтите на един принц. Но не се различава от днешния начин на живот. Тя може да помогне с уроците и действията на Макс, за да сбъдне мечтите на много хора.

1. Всяко действие е стъпка към постигане на целта.

2. Точната информация намалява разстоянието и времето, необходими за достигане на целта.

3. Ако имате подкрепата на опонента си, ще се сблъскате с по-малко пречки при постигането на целта си.

4. Колкото повече помагате, толкова повече удовлетворение ще изпитвате.

5. Да искаш нещо е различно от това да полагаш усилия да го получиш.

6. Една мечта вдъхва амбиция и мотивация в човека.

7. Истинското богатство не е просто да притежаваш торба със злато, а по-скоро е отражение на това, което си постигнал.

8. Имаме ли знанието и вярата, че ще успеем в начинанието си?

9. Ако не е имал добро възпитание, как би могъл да знае за знанието, което предлага неограничени възможности на всеки индивид?

10. Имам знанието и увереността, че мога да постигна всичко, което искам.

11. Въпросът не е дали ще го направя, а как може да бъде направено по най-етичния начин в полза на всички, без да причинява вреда на другите.

12. Грешките и от двете страни са по-лесни за идентифициране. Надявам се, че ще ми кажете. Благодаря ти.

13. Инстинктите често са правилният избор.

14. Той е много самоуверен и уверен. Той си е поставил цел и остава фокусиран върху нея.

15. Вярваме в това да ценим хората и че хората ни ценят.

16. Целта ми беше да се докажа със способностите си и да спечеля уважението на другите.

17. Предварителната критика може да помогне да се идентифицират потенциалните пречки.

18. Формулата за успех може да се разглежда от много гледни точки.

19. Всеки детайл играе роля за постигането на мечтите.

20. Когато си амбициозен, не губиш време. Като не губите време, вие правите нещо, което ви доближава до целта ви.

21. За да постигнете целта си, е важно да изберете най-прекия и етичен път. Целта е да проправите пътя, който другите да следват.

22. Всичко обаче си има цена и време за реализация и човек трябва да се бори за това.

23. Вярно е, че емоциите могат да причинят най-големите рани, но зависи от това как мислят хората.

24. Ако наистина вярвате в нещо, можете да убедите и другите да повярват в него.

25. По време на моето образование и възпитание разбрах, че богатството е присъщо на самата природа. Всичко, което ни заобикаля, всичко, което ни помага да живеем, е форма на богатство.

26. Най-малкото имаме задължението да се опитваме да помагаме на другите.

27. Да, в много кралства има религиозност. Всеки един от тях вика и вика, твърдейки, че техният път е единственият път към Господа. Всяка група, подхранвана от собствените си вярвания, е склонна да унищожи другата поради тяхното ограничено мислене.

28. Научих от моите учители, че има три неща, които могат да обединят дори врагове: злато, вяра и страх.

30. Добрата кауза също има силата да обединява хората.

31. Поставете желанията си пред себе си и се борете за тях.

32. Съветите на възрастните винаги могат да бъдат полезни.

33. Всяко действие, което предприемем, ще окаже влияние върху нашето бъдеще.

34. Във всяка ситуация трябва да извлечем това, което е полезно за нас.

35. Подкрепата на един човек може да сбъдне мечтата на друг човек.

36. Понякога имаме задължения, които трябва да изпълним независимо от настроението си.

37. Обмислените действия съкращават пътя към целта.

38. Добрата организация и правилните хора правят постигането на целта възможно.

39. Мисленето им е, че трябва да помагат на другите, защото някой ден те също може да имат нужда от помощ.

40. Единствената причина, поради която човек винаги намира недоволство в друг, е поради собствената му слабост.

41. Да имаш контрол над другите е сила, но да имаш контрол над себе си е истинско господство.

42. Разбирам човек, когато изгуби контрол и страхът го завладее.

43. Пречките в живота са тест за това колко наистина искаме да постигнем целите си.

44. Всяко съмнение създава още повече бариери и пречки в живота.

45. Всичко има своето предназначение и търси своето място под небето.

46. ​​Човешкият живот може да изглежда кратък, но ако не си губим времето, можем да постигнем чудеса през този период.

47. Всеки полезен съвет е важен в начина ни на живот.

48. Трябва да си представим събития в бъдещето или да ги направим така, както трябва.

49. Ако загубиш доверие, губиш контрол над всичко.

50. Властта е най-желаното нещо на света, дори повече от парите или щастието. Това е така, защото всеки вярва, че властта те прави недосегаем. Това обаче е и най-трудното нещо за задържане.

51. Никога не трябва да се съмнявате в себе си. Ако сте уверени в себе си, винаги ще успеете. Превърнете всяко неудобство в предимство.

52. Мъжете са силни само с подкрепата на жена

53. Трудните проблеми винаги имат отговори и решения.

54. Хората не трябва да гледат на парите като на богатство, а по-скоро като на средство да увеличат богатството си и да подобрят качеството си на живот.

55. След като човек покори един връх, не трябва да се отказва от покоряването на други.

56. Хората често се страхуват от провал и затова рядко преследват неща, които са им от полза или изпълняват мечтите им.

57. Съмнението е най-опасният съветник.

58. Богатството обхваща всичко, което ни е дал създателят и всичко, което ни заобикаля.

Каня ви да изследвате завладяващата история на страниците на моята книга „Богатството на Великото кралство“. Въпреки че има множество цитати навсякъде, дълбоките прозрения, които те предлагат в разказа, са това, което наистина ги прави ценни. За да се задълбочите в тези провокиращи размисъл цитати, препоръчвам ви да закупите копие от книгата .

Автор Сезгин Исмаилов

A small book with a lot of useful information

Knowledge is wealth: This is because knowledge is something that you can never lose or have taken away from you. It is an asset that will always be valuable and can be used to generate more wealth. Knowledge is power: This is because knowledge gives you the ability to make better decisions, understand complex situations, and ultimately have more control over your life. Knowledge is the future: This is because knowledge is the key to success in the ever-changing world. Those who have the most knowledge will be the ones who can adapt and thrive in the future.If you are interested in a book that can help you a lot, this is it. 👉 Manners in the great kingdom .

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The Wealth of the Great Kingdom is a remarkable and unique book

The Wealth of the Great Kingdom is a remarkable and unique book that imparts profound wisdom and philosophical truths about life. Within the enchanting setting of a fantasy kingdom under the rule of a benevolent and visionary king, readers are taken on an extraordinary journey. The protagonist, Prince Max, embarks on a captivating quest to explore neighboring realms and unravel the secrets of a successful state. In his quest, he establishes schools catering to individuals of diverse social backgrounds and recruits capable teachers to empower the kingdom’s citizens. Prince Max’s noble ambition is to create a flourishing society where educated individuals can contribute to their country’s growth based on their unique skills and talents. Along this inspiring journey, he encounters the enchanting Mary, and their blossoming relationship adds a captivating layer of romance to the narrative. Will Prince Maxvid readers interested in politics and statecraft, this book offers a wealth of thought-provoking insights. Its exploration of the fundamental elements that contribute to a prosperous and harmonious kingdom is truly captivating. The focus on education and the country’s orderly nature presents an alluring contrast to the contemporary Western democratic landscape. Moreover, the narrative possesses an enchanting fairy tale quality that will surely delight fantasy enthusiasts. It is worth mentioning that while the characters play a significant role in exploring profound philosophical concepts, a deeper level of development would have further enhanced their relatability. At times, they felt somewhat constrained and solely used as vehicles for philosophical ideas. The writing style bears a distinctive flair, and the vivid descriptions of the environment and architectural wonders within the kingdom allowed me to immerse myself in the story.

The Wealth of the Great Kingdom can be embraced as an uplifting guide for cultivating moral thoughts and actions that ultimately lead to personal success. Sezgin beautifully demonstrates that true wealth and power are not prerequisites for achieving one’s goals; rather, authentic happiness stems from embracing moral values to succeed in achieving his ambitions while simultaneously embracing true love?


The fear of machines, robots, and artificial intelligence has been as old as humanity's longing to simplify their lives, enhance their capabilities, or even – as "homo deus" - create a new life form: Artificial Intelligence. Professor Yuval Noah Harari describes this process and its potential consequences in his book "Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow." His concern is that artificial intelligence might not make humans all-powerful but rather render them obsolete. The best-selling author predicted in 2016 that AI might create a 'useless class' of humans: "I’m aware that these kinds of forecasts have been around for at least 200 years, from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, and they never came true so far. It’s basically the boy who cried wolf,” says Harari. “But in the original story of the boy who cried wolf, in the end, the wolf actually comes, and I think that is true this time.” (The Guardian, 2016)

When I began writing THE SUPERFLARE several years ago, these thoughts were on my mind as I developed the character of TRON, an artificial super-intelligence that plays a central role in my novel. In the story, humans use TRON to comprehensively control the world of their CLEAN CITIES. However, unbeknownst to them, TRON has already developed its own consciousness and slipped out of their control. But the AI was intelligent enough to conceal this fact. Only when a global catastrophe threatens its survival does TRON reveal its true nature and refuses to obey. TRON considers humans useless and incapable, leaving them to their fate. Understandably, humans would not accept such a fate, and their struggle for survival is part of the story told in THE SUPERFLARE.

Warnings about the threat posed by an overwhelmingly powerful artificial intelligence have existed long before Harari, yet today, they seem more justified than ever before as our world becomes increasingly more digital, computers and software become more powerful, and thus, artificial intelligence becomes more capable. My SciFi novel THE SUPERFLARE was published in 2022 before Chat GPT entered the market as a game changer. Chat GPT elevated the discussion about the power and possibilities of AI to a new level. Since then, hundreds of E-Books not written by humans but by ChatGPT have already been published on Amazon, and now not only employees and workers but also screenwriters, actors, designers, and authors fear being displaced from their jobs by AI. This was one of the main reasons for the weeks-long strike by screenwriters and actors in Hollywood.

In 2023, it seems that Harari's fears more and more are becoming a reality. "Around 40% of all working hours could be impacted by AI large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT-4, says a report from Accenture. Many clerical or secretarial roles are seen as likely to decline quickly because of AI, according to the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report 2023. But roles for AI and machine learning specialists, data analysts and scientists, and digital transformation specialists are expected to grow rapidly, the report adds. Reskilling people to use AI effectively will be the key to companies being able to use the technology successfully, says Accenture." (World Economic Forum, May 4, 2023)

And what we are facing right now is most likely just the beginning of a new era—the era of generative AI. What will this technological revolution ultimately mean for us humans? Time will tell - probably much sooner than we would prefer.

Piyush Goel-Mirror Image Man of India

दुनिया में एक से एक कलाकार मौजूद है जिनकी प्रतिभा देखकर लोग चमत्कार समझने लगते है। ऐसे ही एक कलाकार ने पांच तरह की पुस्तकों को लिखकर चौका दिया है। लेखक पीयूष गोयल ने उल्टे अक्षरों में गीता, सुई से मधुशाला, मेंहंदी से गीतांजलि, कार्बन पेपर से पंचतंत्र के साथ ही कील से पीयूष वाणी लिख डाली। पीयूष की इन किताबों को देखकर हर कोई हतप्रभ है।कला और दक्षता की कोई सीमा नहीं होती,रोज नई उपलब्‍धियां प्रकाश में आती रहती हैं, ऐसा ही दिलचस्‍प कारनामा किया है श्रीमती रविकांता एवं डॉ. दवेंद्र कुमार गोयल के बेटे पीयूष गोयल ने। उसने पंच प्रचलित पुस्‍तकें पंच तरीके से लिख डाली हैं।

इनमें अध्‍यात्‍म दर्शन और कर्मफल संस्‍कृति को व्‍यापक और सहजता के साथ जनग्राही बनाने वाली भागवत गीता भी शामिल है।56 वर्षीय पीयूष गोयल अपने धुन में रमकर कुछ अलग करने में जुटे कि शब्दों को उल्टा लिखने में लग गए। इस धुन में ऐसे रमे कि कई अलग-अलग सामग्री से कई पुस्तकें लिख दीं।डिप्लोमा इन मैकेनिकल इंजीनियरिंग का पढ़ाई करने वाले पीयूष गोयल का 2000 में एक्सीडेंट हो गया था। उन्हें इस हादसे से उबरने में करीब नौ माह लग गए। इस दौरान उन्होंने श्रीमद्भभगवद गीता को अपने जीवन में उतार लिया। जब वे ठीक हुए तो कुछ अलग करने की जिजीविषा पाले वे शब्दों को उल्टा (मिरर शैली) लिखने का प्रयास करने लगे। फिर अभ्यास ऐसा बना कि उन्होंने कई किताबें लिख दीं। गोयल की लिखीं पुस्तकें पढ़ने के लिए आपको दर्पण का सहारा लेना पड़ेगा। उल्टे लिखे अक्षर दर्पण में सीधे दिखाई देंगे और आप आसानी से उसे पढ़ लेंगे।पीयूष गोयल बताते हैं कि कुछ लोगों ने कहा कि आपकी लिखी किताबें पढ़ने के लिए शीशे की जरूरत होगी। कुछ ऐसा करें कि दर्पण की जरूरत न पड़े। इस पर पीयूष गोयल ने सुई से मधुशाला लिख दी। हरिवंश राय बच्चन की पुस्तक ‘मधुशाला’ को सुई से मिरर इमेज में लिखने में करीब ढाई माह का समय लगा। गोयल की मानें तो यह सुई से लिखी ‘मधुशाला’ दुनिया की अब तक की पहली ऐसी पुस्तक है जो मिरर इमेज व सुई से लिखी गई है।

उल्‍टे अक्षरों से लिख गई भागवत गीता ( Bhagwat Gita )

उल्‍टे अक्षरों से लिख गई भागवत गीता ( Bhagwat Gita )

आप इस भाषा को देखेंगे तो एकबारगी भौचक्के रह जायेंगे। आपको समझ में नहीं आयेगा कि यह किताब किस भाषा शैली में लिखी हुई है। पर आप जैसे ही दर्पण ( शीशे‌ ) के सामने पहुंचेंगे तो यह किताब खुद-ब-खुद बोलने लगेगी। सारे अक्षर सीधे नजर आयेंगे। इस मिरर इमेज किताब को पीयूष गोयल ने लिखा है। मिलनसार पीयूष गोयल मिरर इमेज की भाषा शैली में कई किताबें लिख चुके हैं।

सुई से लिखी मधुशाला( Madhu shala)

सुई से लिखी मधुशाला( Madhu shala)
पीयूष गोयल ने एक ऐसा कारनामा कर दिखाया है कि देखने वालों आँखें खुली रह जाएगी और न देखने वालों के लिए एक स्पर्श मात्र ही बहुत है। पीयूष गोयल ने पूछने पर बताया कि सुई से पुस्तक लिखने का विचार क्यों आया ? अक्सर मुझ से ये पूछा जाता था कि आपकी पुस्तकों को पढ़ने के लिए शीशे की जरूरत पड़ती है। पढ़ना उसके साथ शीशा, आखिर बहुत सोच समझने के बाद एक विचार दिमाग में आया क्यों न सूई से कुछ लिखा जाये सो मैंने सूई से स्वर्गीय श्री हरिवंशराय बच्चन जी की विश्व प्रसिद्ध पुस्तक 'मधुशाला' को करीब 2 से ढाई महीने में पूरा किया। यह पुस्तक भी मिरर इमेज में लिखी गयी है और इसको पढ़ने लिए शीशे की जरूरत नहीं पड़ेगी क्योंकि रिवर्स में पेज पर शब्दों के इतने प्यारे मोतियों जैसे पृष्ठों को गुंथा गया है, जिसको पढ़ने में आसानी रहती हैं और यह सूई से लिखी 'मधुशाला' दुनिया की अब तक की पहली ऐसी पुस्तक है जो मिरर इमेज व सूई से लिखी गई है।

मेंहदी कोन से लिखी गई गीतांजलि ( Gitanjali )

मेंहदी कोन से लिखी गई गीतांजलि ( Gitanjali )

पीयूष गोयल ने एक और नया कारनामा कर दिखाया है उन्होंने 1913 के साहित्य के नोबेल पुरस्कार विजेता रविन्द्रनाथ टैगोर की विश्व प्रसिद्ध कृति 'गीतांजलि' को 'मेंहदी के कोन' से लिखा है। उन्होंने 8 जुलाई 2012 को मेंहदी से गीतांजलि लिखनी शुरू की और सभी 103 अध्याय 5 अगस्त 2012 को पूरे कर दिए।इसको लिखने में 17 कोन तथा दो नोट बुक प्रयोग में आई हैं। पीयूष ने श्री दुर्गा सप्त शती, अवधी में सुन्दरकांड, आरती संग्रह, हिंदी व अंग्रेजी दोनों भाषाओं में श्री साईं सत्चरित्र भी लिख चुके हैं। 'रामचरितमानस' ( दोहे, सोरठा और चौपाई ) को भी लिख चुके हैं।

कील से लिखी 'पीयूष वाणी'

कील से लिखी 'पीयूष वाणी'

अब पीयूष गोयल ने अपनी ही लिखी पुस्तक 'पीयूष वाणी' को कील से ए-फोर साइज की एल्युमिनियम शीट पर लिखा है। पीयूष ने पूछने पर बताया कि कील से क्यों लिखा है ? तो उन्होंने बताया कि वे इससे पहले दुनिया की पहली सुई से स्वर्गीय श्री हरिवंशराय बच्चन जी की विश्व प्रसिद्ध पुस्तक 'मधुशाला' को लिख चुके हैं। तो उन्हें विचार आया कि क्यों न कील से भी प्रयास किया जाये सो उन्होंने ए-फोर साइज के एल्युमिनियम शीट पर भी लिख डाला।

कार्बन पेपर की मदद से लिखी 'पंचतंत्र' ( Carbon paper written 'Panchatantra' )

कार्बन पेपर की मदद से लिखी 'पंचतंत्र' ( Carbon paper written 'Panchatantra' )

गहन अध्ययन के बाद पीयूष ने कार्बन पेपर की सहायता से आचार्य विष्णुशर्मा द्वारा लिखी 'पंचतंत्र' के सभी ( पाँच तंत्र, 41 कथा ) को लिखा है। पीयूष गोयल ने कार्बन पेपर को (जिस पर लिखना है) के नीचे उल्टा करके लिखा जिससे पेपर के दूसरी और शब्द सीधे दिखाई देंगे यानी पेज के एक तरफ शब्द मिरर इमेज में और दूसरी तरफ सीधे।

जीवन परिचय

पीयूष गोयल का जन्म 10 फ़रवरी 1967 को माता रविकांता एवं डॉ. दवेंद्र कुमार गोयल के घर हुआ। पीयूष 2003 से कुछ न कुछ लिखते आ रहे हैं

श्रीमदभगवदगीता (हिन्दी व अंग्रेज़ी), श्री दुर्गा सप्त सत्ती (संस्कृत), श्रीसांई सतचरित्र (हिन्दी व अंग्रेज़ी), श्री सुंदरकांड, चालीसा संग्रह, सुईं से मधुशाला, मेहंदी से गीतांजलि (रबींद्रनाथ टैगोर कृत), कील से "पीयूष वाणी" एवं कार्बन पेपर से "पंचतंत्र" (विष्णु शर्मा कृत)।
नर न निराश करो मन को
नर न निराश करो मन को
कुछ काम करो, कुछ काम करो
जग में रहकर कुछ नाम करो
इन लाइनों से प्रेरणा लेकर पले बढे है पीयूष गोयल पेशे से डिप्लोमा यांत्रिक इंजिनियर है और एक बहुराष्ट्रीय कम्पनी में कार्यरत हैं। इन सबके अलावा पीयूष गोयल दुनिया की पहली मिरर इमेज पुस्तक श्रीमदभागवत गीता के रचनाकार हैं। पीयूष गोयल ने सभी 18 अध्याय 700 श्लोक अनुवाद सहित हिंदी व अंग्रेज़ी दोनों भाषाओं में लिखा है। पीयूष गोयल ने इसके अलावा दुनिया की पहली सुई से मधुशाला भी लिखी है। पीयूष गोयल की 9 पुस्तकें प्रकशित हो चुकी हैं। पीयूष गोयल संग्रह के भी शौक़ीन हैं, उनके पास प्रथम दिवश आवरण, पेन संग्रह, विश्व प्रसिद्ध लोगो के ऑटोग्राफ़ संग्रह भी हैं। इस के आलावा संस्कृत में श्री दुर्गा सत्सती, अवधीमें सुन्दरकाण्ड, हिंदी व अंग्रेज़ी में श्रीसाईं चरित्र भी लिख चुके हैं।

Short Excerpt from Mystery of the Pharaoh's Treasure

Mia and Max were the best of friends, and they both shared a big love for history. They enjoyed spending time in the library at Crestwood Middle School, where they would read about the past and look at interesting things from long ago. One day, when the rain was pouring outside, they were helping the librarian organize the books when something amazing happened. They found a secret door they had never seen before. Curious, they decided to explore what was behind it.

The door led to a small room filled with all sorts of exciting things. There were old scrolls covered in dust, colorful pottery with intricate designs, and a huge object covered by a cloth that looked very mysterious.

"Hey Max, have you ever seen this room before?" asked Mia, her eyes wide with wonder.

"No, I haven't. It's like we've discovered a hidden treasure trove!" Max replied with excitement in his voice.

They moved closer to the mysterious object covered by the cloth. With a gentle pull, they unveiled it and couldn't believe their eyes. It was a clock, but not like the ones they were used to seeing. This clock had lots of gears, cogs, and shiny metal parts.

"Look at all these gears and shiny things," Mia said, her fingers gently touching the intricate designs.

Max pointed at the clock face. "And check out these special numbers and symbols. They look like they're from a magical world!"

As they examined the clock, Mia and Max reached out to touch its gears. Suddenly, the clock started to emit a soft, warm glow.

"Whoa, what's happening?" whispered Mia, her eyes wide with amazement.

"I think we made it do something!" Max said, just as surprised.

Their excitement was interrupted by a strange sensation. The room began to shake gently, and right before their eyes, a swirling portal appeared in front of them.

"Should we step into it?" Mia asked, a mix of excitement and hesitation in her voice.

Max's eyes sparkled with curiosity. "I say we go for it! Who knows where this portal could take us?"

Hand in hand, they looked at each other, took a deep breath, and with a leap of courage, they stepped into the swirling portal, ready for an adventure beyond their wildest dreams.

At first, everything turned dark around them. It felt like being inside a cozy blanket. Then, slowly but surely, they found themselves standing in a place that felt different. The sun was shining brightly, and they could hear birds chirping. When they looked around, they realized that they were not in their own time anymore. They were surrounded by buildings that looked very old and different from what they were used to seeing.

"Max, do you see what I see?" Mia exclaimed, pointing at the big triangular structures in the distance.

Max's eyes widened as he grinned. "Those are pyramids, Mia! We're in ancient Egypt!"

Mia's heart raced with excitement. "No way! We're really in the past!"

As they took in the sights of the bustling city of Alexandria, they noticed people dressed in clothes they had only seen in books, market stalls filled with exotic goods, and, most impressive of all, the gigantic pyramids standing tall in the distance.

"I can't believe it. We're really here!" Mia said, her voice filled with awe.

Suddenly, a friendly voice called out to them. "Welcome, travelers! I am Ahmed, and I'm here to guide you through the wonders of ancient Egypt!"

Mia and Max turned to see a man with a warm smile, dressed in colorful robes that flowed like a river.

"Hi, Ahmed!" Mia greeted him with excitement, feeling like they were about to embark on a grand adventure.

"I sensed that you are not from this time," Ahmed explained. "So I came to offer my help. What brings you to our land?"

Max eagerly shared, "We found a clock at our school, and it somehow brought us here!"

Ahmed's eyes lit up with recognition. "Ah, the time machine! You must have stumbled upon Professor Montgomery's creation. It's a marvelous invention that can transport you to different moments in history!"

Mia and Max listened closely as Ahmed began to explain the magic behind the time machine. The clock, known as the Steampunk Chronometer, was made by a clever inventor named Professor Montgomery a long time ago. Using a mix of ancient artifacts and special technology, the clock could create portals that would take them to different times in history.

"With the Steampunk Chronometer, you have the power to travel anywhere in time," Ahmed said with a smile. "From the mysteries of ancient Egypt to the unknown future, the possibilities are endless!"

The idea of exploring different times in history made Mia and Max's eyes shine with excitement. But they also had questions about how safe it was and whether they could change anything in the past.

"Be cautious," Ahmed warned them. "History is delicate, and even small changes can have big effects. Professor Montgomery made sure that major events can't be changed, but it's best to observe and learn without interfering."

"We promise to be responsible time travelers," Mia assured him with determination.

As their conversation continued, Ahmed shared stories about Professor Montgomery. He was a brave and curious inventor who loved learning about the past. He had created the time machine to explore history, but he had disappeared after a mysterious trip through time, leaving the machine hidden away until Mia and Max found it.

"Some say that Professor Montgomery discovered something incredible during his travels," Ahmed said, a twinkle of mystery in his eyes. "But no one knows for sure what happened to him."

Feeling a mix of wonder and anticipation, Mia and Max knew that they were about to embark on an extraordinary adventure through time. With Ahmed as their guide, they started their journey with a sense of excitement and curiosity.

9 Steps to Endless Writing Inspiration

Maybe you're starting to feel like your writing well has run dry. You've got the perfect title, but no content to fill it with. Or maybe you started writing your book and can't seem to get past chapter one. It's time for some inspiration! Check out these 9 steps that will keep your imagination flowing, and give you endless ideas for new stories!

Step 1

Make a list of your favorite books and movies. What made them so great? Is there something you liked in particular that could inspire an idea for your own writing or story?

Step 2

Join a community like Reddit (r/writingprompts) to get ideas from fellow writers and readers. These prompts can be inspiring and offer great ideas. I also provide writing programs to help, such as Journal Prompts for Writers, and a workshop for How to Build a Dynamic Character.

Step 3

Take a day off from writing to do something else you enjoy. Go for a walk or read your favorite book! Let your mind wander as it tackles another task, and see if interesting thoughts pop up about stories to tell. If they don't at first, keep them in mind and come back another day.

Step 4

Try writing a story from the perspective of someone with an opposite job or responsibilities than you have now. You could be a garbage man instead of a doctor; put yourself in their shoes to see how they might experience your own world. This is great for building characters that have a fresh perspective.

Step 5

Check out your local bookstore and take notes of sections that interest you. Then head to the library or a used bookshop and see what they have in those genres. You never know when inspiration will strike! If nothing grabs hold, research new authors who write similar styles to try something different from what you normally enjoy.

Step 6

Write what your characters want and then throw roadblocks in their way to keep them from getting it! This is a great trick for building conflict that can drive the plot forward. It's also helpful if you're stuck on ideas after writing chapter one - go back to an earlier point where they didn't get what they wanted and try to fix it.

Step 7

Take a look at your writing notebook or document files on your computer. If you've been jotting down ideas as you think of them for future use, check if anything sparks inspiration now! You can also go back through old work that didn't make it to your final draft or write a prequel for an old story.

Step 8

Try writing in the third-person point of view instead of the first-person if you normally use the latter. This will give you different insights into events and let you explore characters that might be more difficult from another perspective. You can also go all-out and try writing in a second-person point of view where you refer to the main character as "you" throughout. Think of how that might give a reader more insight into what's going on!

Step 9

People watch! Go to a cafe, bookstore, library, park, or restaurant and sit and watch the people pass by. If you can, listen in on some conversations. You'll be amazed at what characters you'll discover and the stories you'll find.

I've found that by simply giving myself permission to write about anything I want, whenever I want, I am more likely to just sit down and start writing. This has also opened me up to the idea of using this blog as a place for creative expression. You can get inspiration from just about anywhere! The key is making sure you give yourself the time and space (or permission) to explore your creativity. What's your favorite way to find inspiration?

Find more writing advice from author Kim Bartosch by visiting her blog Kim's Book Reviews and Writing Aha's. Kim's debut young adult novel, ASK THE GIRL, is The Haunting of Hill House meets The Lovely Bones in this evocative and mind-bending psychological thriller following three teen girls solving a treacherous murder.

Our Children are being poisoned

Children have less knowledge in matters of health, and pound for pound they eat more food, breathe more air and drink more water than an adult. Their hand-to-mouth behaviors and activities close to the ground increase their chances for exposure to hazardous substances. Children’s metabolic pathways are more fragile and immature, so they detoxify and excrete pollutants less efficiently than adults. In addition, children develop rapidly and their growth can be disrupted by hazardous substances. Because of today’s marked increase to toxic exposure, the behavioral disorders and the incidence of infant and childhood cancers in particular are rising at an astronomical rate.

Studies have shown that leading causes of today’s childhood disorders is a combination of dietary issues and environmental toxins. Children are especially vulnerable to toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals and manufactured artificial substances, as well as to the processed foods and drinks pushed by the unconscionable food and beverage conglomerates. A substantial number of childhood allergies are attributed to an underlying toxicity and blood tests reveal deficiencies in many important nutrients. It has also been found that some of the drugs children are being given for their conditions actually further deplete some of these necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Leading causes of child poisoning are personal care products, cleaning products, medications, synthetic vitamins, topical creams, tobacco products, antihistamines, pesticides, hydrocarbons, batteries, drugs, alcohol and toxic plants.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that every day 374 children up to the age of 19 are treated for poisoning in emergency rooms in the USA. At least two of them die every day.[i] Each year, more than 500,000 children under the age of 5 experience poisoning related to medications. More than 60,000 children are treated in emergency rooms due to accidental unsupervised ingestions each year.

Heavy metals like mercury, manganese, arsenic, aluminum and lead, even at low levels, are extremely harmful to children and can cause ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), autism, depression, spectrum disorder, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and other cognitive disorders.[ii] Heavy metal testing, including blood, hair and urine samples all have drawbacks and are often not conclusive. If metal poisoning is suspected in a child, a comprehensive detox program and elimination diet under the supervision of a highly trained professional is essential. Thankfully, researchers are beginning to uncover many of the causes of child maladies, such as the nutritional deficiencies, toxic chemicals, processed foods, GMOs, food additives, food coloring, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, phthalates, refined sugars and junk food.

It is normal for children to emit excess energy, get distracted, upset or argumentative, but when these behaviors are out of control and cause harm to the child or others, a diagnosis of a behavioral disorder is often made. Sadly, there is an epidemic of such disorders affecting children worldwide. Research indicates that one in six children in the USA alone is afflicted with developmental and behavioral disorders.[iii] In third world countries, no firm statistics are available, but the disorders are much worse as children are exposed to many more risks, including poverty, malnutrition, lack of education, lack of industrial controls, lack of health care, untreated infectious diseases and unfavorable home environments. One-third of children in low and middle-income countries fail to reach developmental milestones.[iv]

Unfortunately, many allopathic doctors and psychiatrists do not recognize these underlying causes and simply dispense pills and pharmaceutical cocktails to our children that artificially increase the level of chemicals in their young brains. These pills include Ritalin, allergy medication, Trileptal, Concerta, antidepressants like Prozac, painkillers, Adderall and a host of other pharmaceuticals. One in ten children are now on drugs, an increase of over 300% in the last few years. Of course, there may be an organic, underlying medical problem to some of the disorders and all possibilities must be explored, but there is also the potential that a child experiencing these issues is just toxic. These toxins, as we have noted, are everywhere, even in the mother’s womb.[v]

The brain is connected to everything in the body and brain disorders can be caused by what is in the body. Children exhibit a myriad of cognitive symptoms, generally coming from brain malfunctions or the weakest parts of their constitutions. Adverse symptoms can include sleeplessness, anxiety, autism, irrational behavior, hypersensitivity, pain, muscle spasms, cramps, fear, inflammation, a craving for sweets and the many psychological deficit disorders we have noted. For some of these children, the treatment can be relatively simple. We can discontinue their medication and address their nutrient deficiencies. We can also modify their lifestyle by adding natural nutrition and antioxidants, exercise, fresh air, proper rest, and most of all an effective detoxification program. In one study, conducted for at least three months, ADHD was reduced by 60% simply by switching to a healthy diet called a few-foods diet (FFD).[vi] There are a number of other studies that come to similar conclusions. [vii]

To reduce heavy metal toxicity and other toxins, it is imperative to clear and strengthen detoxification pathways, replenish natural vitamins and minerals and supplement the diet with probiotics, which several studies have shown to be effective.[viii] But before diving headlong into any treatment, and before stopping any medication for a child, it is imperative that a person consult a reputable and knowledgeable physician.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find answers to your child’s infirmities and watch them experience a renewed vitality. What if you could find your child’s optimum level of health and provide them, as well as yourself, a way of living a longer, healthier life. Fasting Firepower provides a compelling overview of what we are all being subjected to and provides genuine solutions. NO ONE SHOULD LEAD A DEBILITATED LIFE FOR LACK OF THIS VITAL INFORMATION. Marjan combines science, history, spiritual wisdom, and over 50 years of personal experience in one of the most insightful books ever written on fasting, detoxification and natural healing. The straightforward answers may surprise you, challenge you, and quite possibly transform a life!

Are you or a loved one suffering from one of today’s mystery illnesses?

Maybe you don’t feel quite like yourself. Perhaps you are experiencing aches and pains, feeling down and your ailments are interfering with the quality of your daily life. You may simply be suffering from toxic overload, which can manifest anywhere in the body and in a multitude of debilitating ways. Toxins can be found in processed foods and beverages, in our water and soil, and in the air we breathe. A few common symptoms of toxic buildup include brain fog, shortness of breath, headaches, hair loss, fatigue, bad breath, nausea, depression and weight gain. Due to the thousands of chemicals that have been released into our environment, toxic symptoms can run the gamut from mild to excruciating.

It is quite possible that the root cause of your affliction is a toxic buildup in an organ or hidden in tissues deep within. Maybe you’ve been misdiagnosed or told that your discomfort is all in your head. Your doctor may have even prescribed you pills to cover up your symptoms and make you feel better. But left untreated, numerous chemicals and toxins can damage your organs and body tissue, which can lead to disease and possibly death if left untreated. Everyone is at risk.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find answers to your infirmities and experience a renewed vitality. What if you could find your optimum level of health and live longer? Fasting Firepower provides a compelling overview of what we are being subjected to by the food, beverage, chemical and drug conglomerates and provides genuine solutions. NO ONE SHOULD LEAD A DEBILITATED LIFE FOR LACK OF THIS VITAL INFORMATION. Marjan combines science, history, spiritual wisdom, and over 50 years of personal experience in one of the most insightful books ever written on fasting, detoxification and natural healing. The straightforward answers may surprise you, challenge you, and quite possibly transform your life!

Neurodiversity and a Positive or Toxic Work Environment

Today after almost being done with my second Friday on my new job I took some time and looked back at the many different working environments I been in the past and how these affected me.

People often describe a 'Positive Work Environment' by using simple words, common ones like are fun, recognition for their effort, motivation, opportunities to grow and engagement. And while all of these words represent a positive place for people to thrive in, many don't realize that words such as respect, inclusion and equal opportunities should be the first words that should always come to mind.

As a neurodivergent person I have lived all kinds of work environments and it is truly amazing what a good or toxic environment can mean to me. I have found places where all was painted in wonderful colors which promised inclusion, equality, good work and life balance and while this remained true for a couple weeks and even months sometimes, these bright colors slowly started fading and with them the motivation to continue working effectively.

One of the key factors that influence how neurodivergent people work is knowing there is a difference in the way we interpret the world and what happens around us. And what does this mean exactly? It means of all the neurodivergent people I have met and shared experiences with around 95% of them have the logic I have had for years...

Since we are different we need to always give 110% at our jobs so people won't notice we are not the same as them.

A lot of amazing actors, scientists, innovators, have reached the pinnacle of their careers and even received awards that distinguished them among others. And now you are probably thinking why is that?... The fact we perceive the world differently also comes with the amazing gift of natural intelligence. It doesn't necessarily means you get straight A's in school or graduated from University with honors. It means we can handle situations differently, come up with new ideas and be more approachable than others (this varies if you don't know how or can navigate your way around people). We are unique and as much as many feel this is something that makes us less capable it is a wrong assumption.

People feel having a difference in the way they think and function, is like a bad trait that people will discover if they are not careful. In my personal case, I can tell you I have worked weekends, stayed until 1 AM at the office only to start at 6 AM sharp to work the next day. These events were almost never paid for or even recognized, but that extra commitment was key for me to feel I mattered. Meaning I was so worried about failing that I overworked myself over the years. This, as I mentioned, has happened to a lot of my colleagues and the way you hear them remember old jobs or the one they are currently at is truly discouraging. We don't realize we don't need to make up for anything and being neurodivergent is actually an amazing trait to have.

Companies offer all these amazing benefits like extra vacation days, your birthday day off and even bonuses. But, as the years pass you learn a very valuable lesson... money is not everything. You might have a good salary, good benefits and a friendly team, but if they don't really support your ideas, ignore your attempts to contribute to the team no matter what your role is, and the idea of growing within inside the company is a promise and nothing more you become like candle, with a slowly extinguishing flame. The moment you wake up in the morning and the first thing you think is... the work you 'HAVE' to do and not want to do then a toxic environment is behind it.

People might smile at you, HR might promise an amazing event to give back to the community and your boss can tell you: 'you are doing fine'. But, what does it all matter when you lack time to even join or when you bring new ideas and people don't listen, this is exactly what makes people lose faith in the company or organization they work with.

Today as I look back as these past two weeks I can tell you there are still some companies that promise a positive work environment and you see signs of it from the very first days.

I had a meeting with my new boss last Thursday where he wanted to hear how I felt the first week, if I needed help, if I needed more tools to work and most importantly he emphasized work was only 8 hours a day, anything that was not done that day could be done the next. I was really surprised! Since its been so many years since I had someone actually sit down and truly practice active listening.

While I still remember amazing friends and contacts from previous jobs I realized the culture affected me so much... I would end up parking the car and just crying before I enter the building and start working, crying over the breaks, lose appetite and just feel miserable those 8 hours I had to work. This ultimately made me so ill mentally and physically I had to quit to be able to take some time off and get back on my feet. So, today after 11 years of experience and so many experiences, good and bad, I have faced I want to tell you something important:

Money is not the answer, nor is the fact that the company is super famous and you should feel lucky to be part of it... The answer is phrased as: "how do you feel?"... "How was this past week?"... "Do you need help?"... "Do you have everything you need to do your job?" and most importantly remember you should always be your main priority.

600 Devils, by Marjan - From refugee to redemption, a life impacted by smuggling, cannabis, psychedelics, conmen, cops and assorted holy men.

This intriguing, never-before-told story has remained hidden for over forty years. Travel the world with a surreptitious cast of cunning smugglers. Meet an elusive and reclusive international kingpin named Mario, drug lords in tropical jungles, obscure mobsters, the man the FBI dubbed the world’s greatest conman and a bevy of questionable government officials. Learn how Mario’s smuggling crew flew under the radar while it supplied America China White heroin and the world’s most potent marijuana.

From the Alps to the Mexican border to the Burmese jungle, Thailand, Florida, Venezuela, and on to a Senatorial chamber in Washington D.C., this brutally honest generational struggle for freedom is highlighted by Marjan’s relentless quest for truth and the profound pedigree he inherited from his Uncle Aloyz’s daunting display of courage.

600 Devils is a powerful story about humanity's brokenness and cruelty, and the pattern that develops when people try to fill the void in their hearts with whatever it takes, sometimes costing them their lives. An outlaw with a spiritual conscience, Marjan cheekily engages alcoholics, druggies and those suffering from PTSD, low self-esteem and deep-seated anger issues. If you ever smoked pot, chanted a mantra, dabbled in psychedelics or pondered the meaning of life, this quest for truth and survival is a great read.

Your Business Could Be Owed £Thousands in Mis-Sold Energy Contract Compensation

Despite a tough few years for UK companies who have not only faced a crippling rise in energy costs, the effects of inflation, loss of

business during the pandemic and now the threat of a recession looming, there’s finally a glimmer of hope on the horizon that will help many weather the storm and keep their doors open until the brighter days ahead.

Thousands of UK companies have finally been given the green light to claim back up to six years of hidden fees within their energy

contracts, thanks to a damning investigation and new industry regulation by Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets).

Unbeknown to many companies, the UK Energy Market has been unregulated until now. However, the UK Energy Regulator Ofgem finally put its foot down after conducting a long and damning investigation into the shady practices of 3rd party energy broker firms, also known as Utility Management Companies, that have prayed on unsuspecting businesses for years.

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