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WYRDRealities Network

At the WYRDRealities Network, we seek to discover common threads between the improbable and the fantastical. By collaborating with best-selling fiction writers, dedicated researchers, and artists, our WYRDverse presents frightening and exciting ideas. In addition to interviews with creators from the publishing, film, and investigative communities, WYRDRealities features reviews, recommendations, and panel discussions on topics of interest to those who are interested in indie writing and filmmaking, survival, the paranormal, history, science, conspiracies, and folklore. Listeners will be introduced to our thoughts and theories as well as to experts in their quest for the discovery of new worlds through reading, research, and personal experience.

There are several elements that make up our WYRDverse. These live streaming videos and podcasts include:

  • Blondes, Books, and Campfire Tales with author Bethany Stutsman 

  • Coming Soon - Don’t F-ing Die! with author Rich Restucci

  • Low Balling with Joe hosted by authors Joseph Hansen and Allen Gamboa

  • Reel Talk hosted by author Scott Baker 

  • Coming Soon - 10 Minutes of Dick by author Rich Restucci

  • Watching Wyrd with authors Allen Gamboa, Rich Restucci, Scott Baker, and Hadley Thorne

  • Where in the Folk

  • Wild Women of Wyrd 

  • Wyrd Awakening

  • Wyrd Murders, Mysteries, and Mayhem

By Hadley Thorne

ePub3 and ChatGPT Consulting for Authors and Publishers

EMRE Publishing, LLC presents consulting services by Professor James Musgrave.

  1. Clients are professionals who want to learn more about the independent application of A.I. and multimedia (ePub3).
  2. Free consultations by a published independent author and developer of award-winning and grant recipient software.
  3. Learn the realistic application of Artificial Intelligence software like for online publishing and writing.
  4. Learn from a consultant who is an award-winning author, teacher, and indie publisher.

By James Musgrave

The Best Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistant Services | Vgrow

We manage all the online services for your business, so you can handle all the daunting tasks without losing focus and productivity. Our experienced and skilled team handles services like content writing, web development, digital marketing, and graphic designing while retaining productivity and quality as you want.

A virtual assistant can take less time to manage your boring task and manage your important task in the business. It can take a load off you and can help you boost your business. Virtual assistants are more concerned with your business success, and you can say their success depends upon your success.

By Timothy Egan

Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles | Immigration Lawyer Los Angeles

When Danish Shahbaz formed the Shahbaz Firm in 2018, he had a vision: to help as many people as he could while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and respect for his clients, whether they were facing an immigration challenge or recovering from a serious personal injury. Today, Danish handles immigration and personal injury cases in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, including Glendale, Burbank, Van Nuys, Pasadena and Griffith Park. Because a large part of his practice is focused exclusively on immigration law, he is known for his many successes helping clients throughout Los Angeles with immigration issues.

By Lysa TerKeurst

Zencode App Development Company

Headquartered at Singapore. Zencode was founded in 2013 as an IT outsourcing company. We set up our first Delivery Centre at Chennai, India in 2014. We outgrew the garage to a full fledged office within 2 years.

Along the way, we also expanded our market footprint to Hong Kong and setup our AI & Blockchain practice at Bangalore, India.

Today, we can help you build your IT platforms from start to finish. From design to coding to implementation and support . Zen us.

Be it a business application that will revolutionise the way a company does things; A marketplace that brings various people together; A custom business application for your business; A mobile application that uses crowdsourcing to bring convenience to customers; or a myriad of potential new industries, ask Zencode to help you with the implementation. Time is crucial for any business; focus your efforts on funding, building your team and getting customers. Let us help you with the implementation of IT solutions.

We simplify the seemingly impossible. We strategies with you. We help you define your goals. We deliver on time and budget. We plan. We code. You start.

By Curtis Sittenfeld

Team Removals Canada | Trusted Moving Company In Canada

While talking about the relocation process, we always stated and believed that moving a whole house, an office or anything to any place is not a task that anyone can do. You need to have proper knowledge, tools and practice to do the moving work independently. And hence, as we know that people also have other essential works to do, we are here with our expert range of moving services to assist our customers while moving their house or office to a new place.

Team Removals focuses on providing the best and most reliable moving services to our customers. We believe in providing our best moving services to our customers. We proffer our customers a wide range of moving services that covers moving everything from head to hill. People always look for a trustworthy company and on which they can rely their whole work of moving. Our company is a well-reputed moving company in Canada that has served thousands of customers our expert range of moving services. Our moving services are best known across Canada. Even though, being the most reputed company in Canada, we have never been short of moving supplies. We have a considerable number of workers working in our company.

By Barrett Huang

International Student Scholarships | Virtual Events Study Abroad

assistED App is developed with a unique combination of services and facilities that effectively cater to the constantly evolving international student recruitment industry. With everything from university and program searching to projects/internship & scholarships and an unlimited access to a huge knowledge base the portal has something for everyone. For students, this is an excellent method to find information about schools, special events, course details, calendar, and academic resources and contact information. For universities, assistED App is the perfect platform to access the international student population at one single location and communicate with them through various channels such as advertising, articles, webinars & fairs. For consultants, it is an effective source of large number of prospective students who are actively looking for study abroad information and require quality counselling & guidance.

The idea behind this application is to give our users a much needed common ground to not just browse for university information but to also discuss and debate on the various issues and concerns raised commonly, to share know how on new programs and universities, to counsel and to even locate nearby agents/students and so on.

By Vivian Foster

Best IT Company in Gurdaspur

CBA INFOTECH is an ISO 9001-2015 certified IT training company with an eyesight to elevate educational training standards. He is fully supported by his team of professionals, who have years of experience working with some of the top MNCs and credible companies, in addition to a dedicated team of developers who are extremely informed about the most latest trends and technologies entering the corporate sector as of today and working around the clock.

Although being only ten years old, CBA Infotech has come a long way to become recognised as a leading provider of software solutions .

By Teen Thrive

Online Publishing Platform & Web Development Tools

Necessity and invention

Atypon was founded in 1996, driven by the desire to democratize scientific research by expanding its availability, which meant giving scholarly publishers the software that they needed to excel in a new—and often intimidating—digital environment.

Atypon’s initial development efforts resulted in Literatum, our online publishing and website development platform, first released in 1999. What was a five-person technology startup in Silicon Valley is now an influential global organization with a team of 500 in six offices across the United States, the UK, Jordan, the Czech Republic, Greece, and China.

Technology specifically for publishers

Over the 25+ years that Literatum has been in continuous development, we’ve gained a deep understanding of what it takes to power a successful online publishing business. Our product development is driven in part by our clients’ requirements for their own businesses. New features are regularly added to meet the design, editorial, and marketing needs of our expanding client base.

A fast-growing technology company

Today Atypon has over 200 clients, including some of the world’s largest publishers; several date back to our first years in business. Literatum is home to 32 million articles in over 15,000 journals, as well as nearly half a million books, in over a dozen languages and on more than 900 publication websites. The platform logs over 5.1 billion user sessions annually.

We rival larger Silicon Valley companies in our aggressive pursuit of new technologies. Engineers comprise more than two thirds of our staff, and our ongoing, award-winning R&D team applies machine learning and AI-based technologies that keep our customers at the forefront of online publishing.

By Ben Sedley

The Clouds With Aavaz Best Free Virtual PBX

Aavaz PBX provides all the capabilities of advanced paid PBX systems, while being extremely easy to use. Aavaz PBX works with PRI Lines, GSM Gateways and SIP Trunks. It support standard SIP phones, with no lock in, and you can opt for support if you prefer.

By Ann Napolitano

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