October Grae

October Grae is an author from no where in particular. He is currently working on his YA supernatural mystery series, Helm's Curse, while occasionally writing poetry and obsessing over trees.


Books › Teen and Young Adult

The Light Beneath

Duncan Ray has just moved to Viridis Island, a mysterious town that is the subject of many strange rumors. Its residents believe that it is cursed, and the rain that never stops pouring over the island seems to be proof enough. While Duncan is eager to be involved in a mystery like in the books he loves, he quickly learns that this small island town might harbor some even more sinister secrets, and some of the residents are desperate to keep him from uncovering them.Meanwhile, Rowan Hasson deals with the loss of her family after a mysterious fire burns down their home. She is haunted by the idea that the island's curse might have played a part. Now she must learn the secrets of Viridis Island while trying to decide if the island is even truly cursed or not.


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