The Last Bush Pilots

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Eric Auxier

Author Eric Auxier is a pilot by day, writer by night, and kid by choice.A Boeing 777 Wide-body Captain for a major U.S. airline, Mr. Auxier is also a Columnist for Airways Magazine and online at AirwaysMag. He has contributed to such pu...

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"Mayday, mayday! I'm going down, I'm going do- "

Author, airline captain, and popular blogger ( Eric Auxier brings Alaska bush flying to life in his second novel, The Last Bush Pilots. Exhilarating flying, tall tales, and larger-than-life characters abound in a wild land that truly is America's Last Frontier.

Two young pilots, Daniel "D.C." Alva and Allen David Foley, take on the world's most dangerous flying: the Alaska bush. But Mother Nature - and a sexy Native Alaskan - stand in their way.

Southeast Alaska Seaplanes, Juneau: Retired airline captain Chief Pilot Dusty Tucker pilots a renegade band of flying misfits. Meet legendary bush pilot Jake "Crash" Whitakker, equally adept at landing planes and ladies - and "crashin' 'em" as well; prankster pilot Ralph Olaphsen, who once set an extinct volcano ablaze on April Fool's Day; and no-nonsense Check Airman Holly Innes, trying to cut a respectable niche in the notoriously macho bush pilot world - while escaping a dangerous past.

Amid Alaska's soggy skies, D.C. and Allen face escalating challenges in and out of the cockpit. The two cheechackos, or greenhorns, are roped into Crash and Ralph's harebrained scheme, Operation Dirty Harry. Under the suspicious nose of draconian FAA Inspector Frederick Bruner, the pilots hatch a plot to hijack and rescue a planeload of orphaned bear cubs. Moreover, mischievous Tlingit Indian Tonya Hunter, as wild and unpredictable as the land in which she lives, plays the two lovestruck cheechackos against each other.

But the true villain of the story is Mother Nature herself. Alaska's notoriously fickle weather and rugged terrain take on lives of their own. Can the two cheechackos survive her relentless onslaught and launch their fledgling airline careers?

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