Short Excerpt from Mystery of the Pharaoh's Treasure

Mia and Max were the best of friends, and they both shared a big love for history. They enjoyed spending time in the library at Crestwood Middle School, where they would read about the past and look at interesting things from long ago. One day, when the rain was pouring outside, they were helping the librarian organize the books when something amazing happened. They found a secret door they had never seen before. Curious, they decided to explore what was behind it.

The door led to a small room filled with all sorts of exciting things. There were old scrolls covered in dust, colorful pottery with intricate designs, and a huge object covered by a cloth that looked very mysterious.

"Hey Max, have you ever seen this room before?" asked Mia, her eyes wide with wonder.

"No, I haven't. It's like we've discovered a hidden treasure trove!" Max replied with excitement in his voice.

They moved closer to the mysterious object covered by the cloth. With a gentle pull, they unveiled it and couldn't believe their eyes. It was a clock, but not like the ones they were used to seeing. This clock had lots of gears, cogs, and shiny metal parts.

"Look at all these gears and shiny things," Mia said, her fingers gently touching the intricate designs.

Max pointed at the clock face. "And check out these special numbers and symbols. They look like they're from a magical world!"

As they examined the clock, Mia and Max reached out to touch its gears. Suddenly, the clock started to emit a soft, warm glow.

"Whoa, what's happening?" whispered Mia, her eyes wide with amazement.

"I think we made it do something!" Max said, just as surprised.

Their excitement was interrupted by a strange sensation. The room began to shake gently, and right before their eyes, a swirling portal appeared in front of them.

"Should we step into it?" Mia asked, a mix of excitement and hesitation in her voice.

Max's eyes sparkled with curiosity. "I say we go for it! Who knows where this portal could take us?"

Hand in hand, they looked at each other, took a deep breath, and with a leap of courage, they stepped into the swirling portal, ready for an adventure beyond their wildest dreams.

At first, everything turned dark around them. It felt like being inside a cozy blanket. Then, slowly but surely, they found themselves standing in a place that felt different. The sun was shining brightly, and they could hear birds chirping. When they looked around, they realized that they were not in their own time anymore. They were surrounded by buildings that looked very old and different from what they were used to seeing.

"Max, do you see what I see?" Mia exclaimed, pointing at the big triangular structures in the distance.

Max's eyes widened as he grinned. "Those are pyramids, Mia! We're in ancient Egypt!"

Mia's heart raced with excitement. "No way! We're really in the past!"

As they took in the sights of the bustling city of Alexandria, they noticed people dressed in clothes they had only seen in books, market stalls filled with exotic goods, and, most impressive of all, the gigantic pyramids standing tall in the distance.

"I can't believe it. We're really here!" Mia said, her voice filled with awe.

Suddenly, a friendly voice called out to them. "Welcome, travelers! I am Ahmed, and I'm here to guide you through the wonders of ancient Egypt!"

Mia and Max turned to see a man with a warm smile, dressed in colorful robes that flowed like a river.

"Hi, Ahmed!" Mia greeted him with excitement, feeling like they were about to embark on a grand adventure.

"I sensed that you are not from this time," Ahmed explained. "So I came to offer my help. What brings you to our land?"

Max eagerly shared, "We found a clock at our school, and it somehow brought us here!"

Ahmed's eyes lit up with recognition. "Ah, the time machine! You must have stumbled upon Professor Montgomery's creation. It's a marvelous invention that can transport you to different moments in history!"

Mia and Max listened closely as Ahmed began to explain the magic behind the time machine. The clock, known as the Steampunk Chronometer, was made by a clever inventor named Professor Montgomery a long time ago. Using a mix of ancient artifacts and special technology, the clock could create portals that would take them to different times in history.

"With the Steampunk Chronometer, you have the power to travel anywhere in time," Ahmed said with a smile. "From the mysteries of ancient Egypt to the unknown future, the possibilities are endless!"

The idea of exploring different times in history made Mia and Max's eyes shine with excitement. But they also had questions about how safe it was and whether they could change anything in the past.

"Be cautious," Ahmed warned them. "History is delicate, and even small changes can have big effects. Professor Montgomery made sure that major events can't be changed, but it's best to observe and learn without interfering."

"We promise to be responsible time travelers," Mia assured him with determination.

As their conversation continued, Ahmed shared stories about Professor Montgomery. He was a brave and curious inventor who loved learning about the past. He had created the time machine to explore history, but he had disappeared after a mysterious trip through time, leaving the machine hidden away until Mia and Max found it.

"Some say that Professor Montgomery discovered something incredible during his travels," Ahmed said, a twinkle of mystery in his eyes. "But no one knows for sure what happened to him."

Feeling a mix of wonder and anticipation, Mia and Max knew that they were about to embark on an extraordinary adventure through time. With Ahmed as their guide, they started their journey with a sense of excitement and curiosity.


Rishi Rathi

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