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Thief of Dreams

Thief of Dreams by JP Powers is a crime thriller that takes readers on a captivating journey through the life of the protagonist, Kyle Stone. Set in the vibrant and tumultuous city of San Francisco in the 1980s, the novel is based on the author's own experiences and offers a unique and fresh perspective on the genre. The story follows Kyle as he navigates the challenges of building a financial empire, but every time he faces a setback, he is mysteriously saved by a guardian angel or higher power, leaving him and the reader wondering about the identity and motive of this mysterious savior. The novel is expertly crafted and offers a perfect balance of mystery, intrigue and action. The author slowly unveils the explanation for this phenomenon, creating a sense of anticipation and keeping the reader engaged throughout the novel. Alongside the crime elements, the novel also delves into touching relationship stories and provides an informative and educational family history. The portrayal of the Mafia in this book is refreshing and different from the typical stereotype. The book also balances the serious themes with lighthearted moments, providing a well-rounded and enjoyable reading experience...


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