Paul E. Doutrich

Paul Doutrich is an award winning author and a professor emeritus of American history at York College of Pennsylvania where he taught for thirty years. He now lives on Cape Cod in Brewster, Massachusetts. In 2023 his book, The Many Adventures of Donnie Malone, received a Literary Titans god medal award.


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Shapers of the Great Debate on Jacksonian Democracy: A Biographical Dictionary

The successful conclusion of the War of 1812 ushered in a new age of American history: the Jacksonian era. This book explores the background, motives, and goals of political and social leaders who dominated this era. Divided into three categories―Whigs, Democrats, and Writers and Reformers―biographies of Henry Clay, Ralph Waldo Emerson, James Knox Polk, Andrew Jackson, and others are included. Debates over such issues as westward expansion, the Second Bank of the United States, Indian policies, and slavery are discussed from opposing viewpoints.Americans of the Jacksonian era upheld traditions and values of their forefathers, while also embracing the unlimited opportunity of the future. During this era, profound political divisions emerged within the nation, with the core debate focused on the extent of the federal government's power. Americans debated such issues as the degree to which the federal government could compel states to implement federal legislation, administer expansion policy, regulate trade, and manage the economy. Interwoven within these debates were questions about the legitimacy of slavery. This book explores the background, motives, and goals of political and social leaders who dominated this era.Debates over su...


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The Many Adventures of Donnie Malone

The Many Adventures of Donnie Malone takes readers into the events that helped shape the American twentieth century. They begin when sixteen-year-old Donnie gets caught up in the patriotic swirl of World War I. Enlisting in the U.S. Army, he becomes a pilot during the deadly days at the end of the fighting.The stakes in Donnie’s life are just as high after the war. He wrestles with wealthy investors and powerful politicians who have designs on his air delivery business. He is hired to drive a cab for an ambitious mobster and works at assorted dead-end jobs until he bumps into the man who taught him to fly, American ace Eddie Rickenbacker, and it changes his course.Later he befriends detainees in a Japanese internment camp, becomes enmeshed in labor struggles, and dodges McCarthy agents. During the Vietnam era, having seen enough war, Donnie helps several young men avoid the draft by flying them to Canada.Woven throughout Donnie’s adventures are the threads of a rich family life, and contentment even in times of travail.


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