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In 1992, a nuclear weapon is smuggled into San Francisco, and hidden behind a Chinese restaurant owned by YAN LONGWEI. It is the first step in a long-range plan devised by LIEUTENANT GENERAL KUNG YUSHENG. Many years later, AMANDA LANGFORD starts work for the CIA, as an analyst at the Mission Center for Weapons and Counterproliferation. Her new boss, JANET DAVIDSON, gives her 24 hours to review a file, and present her conclusions to department head, CALEB MCELROY. Amanda discovers that China has hidden the production of over one ton of Highly Enriched Uranium. Longwei's restaurant in San Francisco catches fire. He dies trying to put out the fire, but not before telling one of the firemen, TOM JACKSON, to run away from a bomb. Everyone involved in the incident is held and questioned by the Department of Homeland Security. KATE WILLIAMS, a specialist in nuclear weapons, is sent to San Francisco to disarm the device. The 50th nuclear device arrives by ship in New Orleans. It is escorted by GONG AIGUO, a First Lieutenant in the Siberian Tigers Special Forces unit. The 10-megaton device, hidden inside an old diesel generator, is transported by rail t...


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