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merman's kingdom. king of the 7 seas.

   He will face many unexplored places and countless monsters. A Place Forbidden by The Gods and Goddesses that Ruled Millenniums Ago over the Sea.     A Graveyard Built for Watery-Eyed Gods. That Lived Millenniums Ago. He Will Face the Dark Gods and Goddesses from another Time and Era. A Huge Graveyard of Dinosaur Remains and Prehistoric Skeletons of Huge Sea Creatures. Each will be exposed to a cloud of soft white-colored sand. Monstrous Warrior Mermen from 1000s of years ago Lay in Rock. Some in Statuesque Form. Each is on the bottom of the Dark and Dead Seas. A Story Based on a 13-foot Silvery Blue Scaled Merman with Powder Blue Eyes. And a Colony of Blue Scaled Mermaids. Mermen Colonies that live near the Ocean Floor. A Dark Scaly, Demented Mermen and Mermaid Colony also live beneath the Clean, Clear, Crystal Water in the Dark, Black, and Dead Seas.   Some in the Dark, Dead Mediterrane...


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