Crystal Mary Lindsey

Crystal Mary Lindsey is an AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR. A health professional of many years, Crystal has always loved to read. As a registered nurse and a professional counselor, she realized how stories could INFLUENCE, ENCOURAGE, and INSPIRE the reader to feel happier. So began her journey as an author to write the kind of books that touch hearts with understanding and awareness. Her books contain an EXCITING mixture of Spirituality, Romance, Mystery, and Suspense. They are unique stories as her passion inspires the reader to overcome their many adversities an...


Books › Biographies and Memoirs

U.S. Marine Vietnam Sacrifice

Learn More About the Suffering of Men Who Go to War. “By this, we know love because He (Jesus) laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren” John 3:16.This story revolves around a young country boy named Raymond, who grew up in a small rural town in Tennessee.Ray is a patriot and has always dreamed of serving his country.In 1968 he was conscripted and joined the Marines to go and fight in Vietnam.At first, he is excited to go, but soon he experiences war horrors. He witnesses death and destruction daily and is forced to participate in brutal combats that leave him emotionally scarred. As Ray’s tour of duty progresses, he begins to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).He struggles with flashbacks, nightmares, and anxiety and finds it difficult to adjust to civilian life when he returns home. Ray’s PTSD affects every aspect of his life, and he has trouble sleeping and maintaining relationships.He becomes withdrawn and isolated, using alcohol and medical drugs to cope with his emotions and pain.Knowing God loves him is his life jacket....


Books › Christian Fiction

Finding Her Lost Soul

Gracie discovers the greatest gift of all... LOVE. It's the year 1925, and Gracie finds herself burdened with immense responsibilities as the eldest daughter in a large family. Overwhelmed by the weight she carries, she feels forgotten as an individual and harbors resentment. However, everything changes when she discovers the transformative power of love. Anticipating her eighteenth birthday, Gracie plans to escape from her family, seeking solace and freedom. The young Pastor Ethan, wise and compassionate, recognizes the longing in her heart. He approaches her empathetically, building a genuine friendship while respecting her confidentiality. Pastor Ethan's own past of loneliness and confusion, followed by his encounter with a loving Christian family and the discovery of God's grace, has equipped him to guide others toward salvation. Early one morning, Gracie embarks on a journey to Nashville, aspiring to become a country music star. Along the way, she encounters an older man who opens her eyes to the sacrifices her family has made for her. Later, she meets a kind woman in a local store who invites her into her home, p...


Books › Christian Fiction

House of Shadows Secrets Never Die

In 1902, Mariah Kingsford flees her life as an Opera star in New Orleans to escape a dangerous pursuer. But as she returns to her family plantation in North Carolina, she wonders if life will improve or worsen. On the train ride home, Mariah meets a young mother and her two children in need, and she feels compelled by God to offer them a home with her.However, upon arriving at her once-beautiful plantation home, Mariah is shocked by its disrepair and disturbing secrets. Mysterious and terrifying occurrences with ghostly horse riders plague and baffle her. With the help of newfound friends, Colonel Jeb Craven, the town judge, and his lawyer son Hart, Mariah begins to unravel the tangled web of deception built by her crooked and evil grandfather.As they delve deeper, they discover illegal contraband hidden in the plantation cellar and a secret tunnel filled with alarming content, sending chills down Mariah's spine.Will she be able to uncover the truth and restore her family's honor, or will the secrets of the plantation destroy everything she holds dear?Able to lean on Hart, a romance ignites and blossoms between them.What future can lay ahead of these two if they fail to STOP the c...


Books › Historical Romance

The Mystery Healer of Smoky Mountain

In the depths of the magnificent Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, a secret resides, shrouded in mystery and concealed from the world's prying eyes. Who is this enigmatic figure known as the MYSTERY Healer? And why does he diligently safeguard his true identity? Meet Marni Granger, a resilient young woman residing at the base of the mountains. In her early years, tragedy struck when she accidentally fell against a scalding cooking pot, leaving a burn etched on her face. The resulting disfigurement inflicted emotional wounds that haunted her throughout her childhood and adulthood. One fateful day, Marni ventured into the heart of the mountains, accompanied by her faithful wolf companion. Time slips away, and darkness descended upon the dense forest. Exhausted and disoriented, Marni seeks refuge. Curling up in a hidden nook, she falls asleep. On awakening, her treasured pet was nowhere to be found. Overwhelmed, Marni turns to heaven, beseeching the Lord for guidance and assistance. A hauntingly beautiful figure clothed in pristine white appears before her. This mysterious woman calls out Marni's name and beckoned her to follow to a lone cabin. In the hea...


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