Tapestry of Worlds, Part I: The White Raven Awakens

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Hadley Thorne

Language - English

Publication Date - Apr 25, 2022

Written - Hadley Thorne

10 hours and

4 minutes

Book Description

When the world as she knows it comes crashing down around her, Erika Lily follows the plan her boyfriend Staff Sergeant Jason “Ransom” McIlwain had prepared for her. Caught off guard with him on a mission, Erika does what she can to secure her two dogs and family of friends. But with large gaps of her memory gone and manifesting strange powers, Erika does not know what happened to her or her friends, but she suspects it has something to do with the magic circle her group cast and their leader’s diabolical new wife, Jewel. And then there is the mysterious stranger claiming to know her from a past life. Unsure whether he is friend or foe, Erika is forced to work with him since he appears to be the only one with answers.

There is a catch though—what is the price? Her heart or her soul.

An exciting tale of survival, magical awakenings, and passion as the world is tossed into chaos.

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