Marigold, Our Lady of Thieves

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Jack Heerema

Language - English

Publication Date - Feb 05, 2023

Book Description

A foundling is rescued at a tip at Sarum by Sir Kai ap Gruffydd. This Marion Locksley's story. It is the continuing saga of Excalibur and Marion who wields it, protecting the poor and allowing the meek to inherit the earth. It is a story for those interested or curious about the advent of Marion Locksley aka Maid Marion. Has anyone ever considered the further journeys of Excalibur? Was Marion not Robin Hood's closest companion who impacted his life, and on the decisions he made? Marigold, Our Lady of Thieves will provide the answer to the intellectually curious and nosey historical fiction reader with this insight. For the synopsis and excellent reviews for Marigold, Our Lady of Thieves, please go to There you will also find various links to where the novel be purchased.

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