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Language - Tamil

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Conversations turns into story telling of one’s lifetime experience of visiting a Island somewhere below the Sri Lanka.
A Writer who forced to take a trip to India from Burma aka Myanmar due to outbreak of war. Unfortunately or fortunately he get to travel in a old crowded ship.Due to Fear of bombers captain of the ship takes them to near by island. Beauty of the island invites everyone to it but few along with captain travels to the island.
Where captain explains his earlier visit to island and take them back to ship. But writer wish to spend some more time before the ship continues its voyage so he hide himself behind the trees. Captain and passengers takes the row boat and ride back to the ship.
They realise they left someone behind but due to sunset they decide to stay back in ship till dawn. Writer revisit the spot he enjoyed few moments back and experience something strange events.
How those strange events impact him? Did he able to return back to ship? What story is awaiting for the writer to tell his friends is all about the story.

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