Dr. Frank Chase’s Rebuttal of Monetary Tithing Supported by Televangelist’s Recent Admission of False Teaching

Dr. Frank Chase’s book, “Kleptomaniac: Who’s Really Robbing God Anyway?” presages Creflo Dollar’s renunciation of monetary tithing as false doctrine.

MADISON, AL, JULY 16, 2022 – When Dr. Frank Chase Jr. wrote “Kleptomaniac: Who’s Really Robbing God Anyway?” seven years ago, he likely did not foresee that Creflo Dollar, an eminent pastor and televangelist, would later cause a major uproar in church circles with his own admission that the teaching on monetary tithing was false. On June 26, 2022, Creflo Dollar renounced his previous teaching on tithing, the practice of giving one-tenth of one’s income to the church. Why did Dollar change his mind, contradicting centuries of teaching on monetary tithing?

“Some have even said Creflo sounded like he read my book,” says Dr. Frank Chase. “Well, that may be a stretch but it's a nice thought if he did.”

Regardless, Creflo Dollar’s admission bears out Dr. Chase’s rebuttal of monetary tithing as set out in his book – an exposé of how currently accepted doctrine came into existence centuries ago. The book confronts tough questions such as whether God ever required a tithe of money. Chase is meticulous in his research, giving context and definitions for every mention of tithing in the bible. His book also explains the concept of giving from a New Testament perspective (with no 10 percent mandate) and questions how people are affected financially by the requirement to tithe, especially in times of financial hardship.

Biblical tithing was never about money – it was about donating crops and livestock,” says Chase. “Tithing did not relate to income; giving is always from the heart. The power to define is the power to determine destiny, so let no one determine your understanding about tithing without study. The needs of the many – who need to know the truth – outweigh the needs of the few preachers and teachers who don’t want that truth to come out.”

Visit Dr. Chase’s website to find out more about his revelatory book and read his tithing blog.

“Kleptomaniac” can be purchased through Book Baby.


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Frank Chase Jr

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