What if there was a bar where spirits hung out and used your inebriated body until you sobered up?

The Lure Press Release

What if there was a bar where spirits hung out and used your inebriated body until you sobered up?

Ben Carlton, a reporter visits a bar where he wakes up in a strange part of town and begins having nightmares of being chased on his Harley by bikers. Only he has never ridden a motorcycle. Enter Carol Ainsworth investigating the death of Vancouver’s mayor in Stanley Park. Wife and child are missing, no clues, until a mysterious Shaman shows up and vanishes. The shaman is looking for a Succubus/witch that has been released from a centuries long imprisonment in Stanley Park. So begins Carol’s first detective case that takes her to realms she never knew existed.

Interview (from the largest Interview site in the world), just posted on his Youtube channel. Let’s Be Frank, Canada’s Foremost Off-Beat Author. 

Set in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The Lure novel is currently released on Amazon by published author Frank Talaber, Chilliwack, BC. 1-604-701-8186. Contact email: [email protected]

Youtube Link to Film video pitch https://youtu.be/pa_-l2WejjA

The Lure Interview link https://youtu.be/kkYHXI8og4s

The author has been called a natural storyteller who writes like his soul is on fire and the pencil is his voice screaming. Literature written beyond the realms of genre, known to grab readers kicking, screaming, laughing or crying and drag them into his novels. To date he has over fifty articles/short stories and fifteen novels written or published. One, The Joining, top three finalist in the Canadian Book Club Awards in 2020, out of nearly two hundred entries. Another, The Lure, finished a quarter finalist in 2018 Screen Craft Cinematic Book Competition (106,000 entries). One of his short stories, A Sun-catchers Tears was voted #1 by the readers in an anthology of three hundred entries.


Do not read this book! Seriously, do not read this book - unless you are prepared to deal with a rift on your personal timeline. Paddy K.

I hate you! My wife, who is off on medical leave, won't get out of the bathroom. Can't put your book down. Bruce W.

As a weaver of books you're beyond compare. Greta O.


Frank Talaber

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