A paperback book, first printing, 2023, of recently written poetry, available for $10, plus postage

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Inspiration Pains 1

Deliver the Goods 2-3

Wasted Hours 4-5

Double 6-7

Inspiration 8-9

Green Onions 10

Stillness 11

What Dreams Are Made Of 12-14

Mist 15

Riches and Britches 16-17

Banana Peel Life 18

February Flakes 19

creating my fearsome store 20-24

Doubt 25

Silhouettes 26

Waiting 27

Plans to Lead Astray 28-30

Legacy Unserved 31-34

Myrtle and Mandrake 35-46

Puce and Pink 47-48

stale well water 49-50

Against the Light 51

Voice is a Folly 52-53

Author Biography 55


Steven C. Ihde

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