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I was screaming inside but nobody could hear me now the world Listens.

This is a Memoir about a young man growing up with challenges and Hardships in the world and overall finding Planet earth a very overwhelming place to live. It starts off talking about coming from a Dysfunctional Family and having very little Money and all the complications that comes with this lifestyle. Divorced Parents and a single mother trying her best to keep a roof over her family's head. It then speaks about coming of Age and the teenage years of Acne Anxiety, Depression , and fears of sexuality . The Bullying in School and in the workplace and being very timid and a target for the Bullying fraternity. Fear Suppression , and Panic Attacks follow into adult life but it speaks about helping oneself through medication therapy, and writing and living in work to keep Busy. It shows how one young man with many struggles in his life has chosen to help himself with lots of therapy and personal hobbies and basically doing anything he can to try and make him a much stronger person in a world that he finds very overwhelming and almost too much to bear. 


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