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“ "Nisso The untold Story" is a riveting narrative that delves into the harrowing

experience of Nisso at the hands of the ruthless Sam Levy. Set in Zimbabwe, a

country plagued by greed and despotism, Nisso's life takes a dark turn when he

becomes involved with Julia Levy, Sam's daughter. As their love affair unfolds,

Nisso unwittingly becomes an enemy in Sam's eyes, triggering a relentless

onslaught of corruption and brutality that threatens to crush him physically &


Sam Levy, a wealthy and influential businessman, uses his power and

connections to manipulate the systems of law enforcement, justice, and

governance, turning them against Nisso. Intimidation, harassment, and false

accusations become daily realities for Nisso, shattering his sense of dignity and

freedom. In a world where power and privilege reign supreme, Nisso finds

himself stripped of all hope and thrust into the clutches of a corrupt regime.

With every turn of the page, readers are compelled to witness Nisso's resilience

in the face of unspeakable physical and emotional pain. Malaria, solitary

confinement, and a relentless barrage of torment are meant to break his spirit.

However, Nisso's unwavering determination becomes a symbol of hope for

others who find themselves trapped in the clutches of Zimbabwe's corrupt


"Nisso The untold Story" pulls no punches, laying bare the depths of brutality

and corruption within Zimbabwe. It is a story that challenges readers to confront

uncomfortable truths about the injustices that lurk beyond the headlines.

Through shedding light on the darkest corners of society, one man's story

becomes a catalyst for a greater fight against oppression. Prepare to be

captivated by "Nisso: The untold Story," an unflinching exploration of

corruption, survival, and the indomitable human spirit”.

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